YouTube Creator Updates for YouTubers | Vlogger’s

YouTube going to do something helpful to YouTubers | Vlogger’s. So today i am going to list-out the features of the YouTube Creator Updates for YouTubers | Vlogger’s.

    YouTube Creator Updates for YouTubers | Vlogger’sYouTube Creator Updates for YouTubers | Vlogger’s
Comment Ranking
  • For the YouTubers Comments most important part of the their work. But whenever some of people spamming in this area people bored from removing and reporting this spammers.
  • So, for the helping YouTuber – YouTube launches new Features on Commenting System.
Better recognition of Bad links and impersonation attempts
Improved ASCII art Detection
Changing how long comments are Displayed
New Video Notification
  • People from the world want to see you always they do not want your any video miss from them so, that’s reason YouTube help to people to get Video Notification in that Mail-Box, Mobile Notification.
Card Types
  • New card type help both people around the world and who love to create video for the people who want and passion for world entertains.
  • In that Card Type YouTube give some extra Thumbnails and Video which going to suggested by YouTubers for their Viewers.
Subscription for Mobile User
  • Yehhh, thanks to YouTube Easily Subscriptions on smart phone users to do not miss for new video subscription.
Creator Apps Update
  • All that’s they covered all the things which YouTube Creators need.
  • Improve Mobile apps UI
  • Simple Dashboard
  • Easy Commenting
  • Deep insight into the Analytics
  • Real Time Views
Creator Apps Monetization on Mobile
  • YouTube had done easy work for the Creators Monetization options improving in the apps.
360 Degree
  • In the YouTube they going to improve the 360 degree video for the immersive world with Virtual World..!
Live streaming, Gaming
  • For the world of Gamer, YouTube had so much work they can Live their Gaming experienced with friends through Live Streaming the Game.
Community for YouTube Creator
  • Who Love to create the Video on YouTube for them Community for around the world Creators.
  • Helping to improve their video channel.
Creator Academy
  • Always helping them who are in staring based on YouTube.
  • Added Music Library.
  • Some Videos.
  • Improving Video Effects
  • Adding Title and much more..

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