What is webOS and Who uses it ?


What is webOS ?

webOS known as Open webOS, HP webOS, Palm webOS is based on Linux multitasking Operating System for smart devices like TV’s, Smartwatches, and for the Mobile Operating System. This bit valuable information i get from Wikipedia. LG purchased webOS in February 2013 and modified it for the TV Operating System and also they used in their other smart Appliances.

Today webOS are capable of storing big amounts of data as large as 50GB with good user friendly interface. One can sharing Files, Listning Music, reading news paper’s and you can do many stuff’s. webOS mobile platform introduced some innovative features like CARD interface that still in use by Apple, Google and Microsoft on their Mobile Operating System iOS, Android and Windows Phone’s.

Features of webOS :

  • Multitasking Interface
  • Gestures
  • Synergy
  • Third Party Apps
  • Over the Air Updates
  • Wireless recharging
  • Simple Setup/Connection
  • Discovery of near by Devices
  • Open Sources
LG webOS
LG webOS

webOS Run on this much Gadgets :

  • Phones
    • Palm Pre
    • Palm Pixi
    • Palm Pre Plus
    • Palm Pixi Plus
    • Palm Pre 2
    • HP Veer
    • HP Pre 3
  •  Tablets
    • HP TouchPad
    • HP TouchPad Go
  • Televisions
    • LG Smart TV’s
  • Watch
    • LG Watch Urbane LTE

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