What is ASO ? How Optimise App through App Store Optimization

ASO (App store optimizaton) is a process to improve the ranking of mobile application in major app store e.g google play store, ios store, windows store. just like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for websites ASO is for improve the mobile application ranking.

No Table of Content What is ASO
1. Why Need of ASO
2. Important of ASO
3. How to optimise ASO

Why ASO Need

generally, In ASO  the process of ranking better to best in major app store search results and best charts rankings and also focuses on  increase the installation of application in daily basis.

Without ASO its difficult to get high position in mobile app store. ASO plays a major role in discover mobile application in major application store. in today’s competitive world, must have do better to best work in ASO field for mobile application specially.

Why need ASO, here are some points that you should know.

  • Large number of people uses mobile phones for differ services
  • Top popular application users want to prefer to install or download first
  • Design/logo of application also play vital part while users download it
  • Without proper description users cant know more about details of application
  • No attractive title or without proper length
  • Not eye catch screenshot added
  • Earning app features and positive review for users ASO should do must.

Important of ASO

ASO is most important aspects for users to search those specific application thats why ASO should do well and some researches also says that above 60% of users want to browse app to discover news apps. in technology world there are many ways to explore the application and find new application with websites, communication, various media, advertisement attachments. so ASO also plays a major role for app developer.

Here are some important of ASO

  • Get better to best app search result
  • Best way to increase app ranking using finest category and sub-category.
  • Suggest attractive and suitable icon & logo-screenshot that will also give fine results
  • Aso also help to increases the search appearing
  • Get more app store traffic
  • More download that will improve result of rank

How to optimise app through ASO

Many app developer wants to promote and marketing an app, so there are many of the affects the result so developer also need to do some work on it so depends on your application categories so users can easily find it on app store.

While perform ASO, developer should visit once competitor and know how that app work and perform and then do work on application name, icon, screenshot, logo and application description.

Here are some points that developer should know

No Points – How To Optimise ASO
1. Application Name
2. Application Description
3. Logo – Screenshot
4. Application Category
5. Review -Ratings
6. Uses of  Proper Keywords
7. Update of Application

Application Name (Title)

Developer can do edit name and that its a easy to add name, but developer should put proper title with effective keyword and insert app best name with proper features and function. so title must be well plan with subtitle.

Application Description

Do Research on keyword and put it into app store that your application target audience and user can easily find the application in easy manner, so add quality base description in app details with proper information.

Icon logo – Screenshot

Customer first search the app with quality base keyword in app store and then users can focuses on title and subtitle of application and then he/she focuses on application icon and app screenshot. so add proper icon and screenshot in your application, and developer should design do well of icon or screenshot. so get more traffic and installation.

Category of application

you have to know that in which category of application you work so some of few category is popular among in the technology world now so choose right category that related of application.

Review and ratings

Huge number of users download the application because of its positive review and maximum rating, if application get negative review then users cant download your application. so nice and best review that gain your application popularity next level.

Use proper keywords

Always do research on keywords, keywords is the main part of any application, so without use of proper keyword you cant reach your audience perfectly.

Update the application

Now a days many application regularly submit in different play store, so in certain time period developer should update the application so users can know the latest updates in application and in technology. so in after few of days developer update the application so people can use your best features.

So overall this are some valuable points that everyone(Developer) should know about that how to improve the ranking in search engine (App Store) so users can easily search it and download that application.

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