Virtual Reality Gadgets 2016

VR gadgets 2016
VR gadgets 2016
No List of Virtual Reality Gadgets
1 HTC Vive
2 Oculus Rift
3 Microsoft Hololens

Well, 2015 is almost over. Before it gets over let’s have a look at Virtual Reality Gadgets that are expected in the coming year. Before that let’s know what is VR and how VR would be so excited if they launch it as soon as possible. The term VR is Virtual Reality. We can say a virtual world which does not physically exists. But here all movements can done visually or with some extra components depending on what VR gadget you buy. According to Wikipedia Virtual Reality is VR can be referred as   immersive multimedia or computer simulated reality that stimulates the environment of real world in imagined world.

Now let’s have a look at top three VR gadgets to be expected in coming year.

First in the list is HTC Vive:

1. HTC Vive:
HTC Vive, VR gadget 2016
HTC Vive, VR gadget 2016

HTC Vive is part of both HTC and A part of Volvo Corporation’s stream VR project. It has a lens inside the gadget which gives a resolution of 1080×1200 per eye. It even has OLED panel inside it. This device has almost 70 sensors, which is actually stated by the company at the launch event. Right now it’s delayed to be a part of consumer usage due to some technical issues as stated by company. Its developer edition is available to use. We can expect the consumer version in coming April 2016.

2. Oculus Rift:
Oculus-Rift,VR gadgest 2016
Oculus-Rift,VR gadgets 2016

Oculus rift is a part of oculus. It also has an OLED panel in it. OLED display resolution has a resolution of 1080×1200 per eye. The gadget comes with 3d audio supported headset and gaming controller. In Fact it supports many games like left for dead, Lucky’s Tale ,etc and other big games. Its gaming controller is ergonomically design, which is best part. And it also supports XBOX controller. Its consumer version will be available in 1st quarter of 2016. Its developers kit ia available on Amazon’s site.

3. Microsoft Holo Lens:
microsoft-hololens, VR gadgets 2016
microsoft-hololens, VR gadgets 2016

Of course by the name you might know it is a product of Microsoft. Holo lens doesn’t not only give virtual reality but also real life images. It come with the power of windows 10. Off-course the gamers don’t need to worry because the support of games with this gadget is going to be real thrilling. Holo lens is scheduled to be launched in first quarter of 2016.


So at last 2016 is going to be much excited year filled with VR gadgets and other tech gadgets.

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