How to upload 360 video on YouTube

In new technology of world, 360 – degree video also known as immersive or some time spherical videos, so basically recording a video where record every view of direction in same time sue of cameras and omnidirectional cameras while in playback normal flat display and the viewer has control of the viewing the direction look like panorama.sometime its also play on display arrange in a cylinder.

No Table of Content – Steps to Upload 360 video to Youtube
1. What is 360 degree Video
2. Points to upload the video to youtube

What is 360 Degree Video

360 degree video is basically a video that capturing all the 360 degree of environment that you recording. if you want to create 360 video then your camera have to be recording of 360 video,but now many smartphone capable off it that easy to use. and find some higher – end 360 camera. when 360 videos are appear on the computer or laptops, user or viewer can view all the direction of video from left to right and top to bottom.

in IOS and many android mobile, viewer can move their phone to change in few direction and uses of google cardboard to use their smartphone as like virtual glass and youtube also have capabilities to upload 360 easily and watch it.

Steps to upload Video to Youtube

Youtube is capable of uploading video and playback of 360 degree video in your computer and laptops with firefox, MS Edge, Opera browser, Chrome, perhaps first you need to update your file with an application while upload.

Here are some steps to follow if  you want to upload the video to youtube.

  • Create a video:- now a days, many 360 degree camera available for support and upload in youtube, now in youtube supports 24,25,30,48,50 or 60 frames per second.normally people upload 360 video format with 2:1 ratio with resolution of 7168×3584 or bove and upto 8192×4096. user can also create 360 video with use of custome camera rigs and third party stitching software e.g. kolor autopano.

Some points to remember

  • Ready to upload 360 video:- 
  1. Download the metadata app for Windows and Mac
  2. Un-zip the file and after that open the 360 video metadata app, if you are on a Mac you have to go the app and right click the app and open it
  3. whichever video you want to upload select that video file.
  4. select the checkbox for spherical and than save it
  5. edit your filename or enter your filename
  6. save the file so you can show the new file in the location of original file
  7. upload the new file to youtube
  8. it will take some time to upload it up-to 60 Minuit. to generate 360 effects.

before publish it you have to verify and know that is that working file on your computer or PC and it will take upto an hour for 360 playback.

Before publishing, you can verify that the file has 360° playback enabled by watching the video on your computer. It may take up to an hour for 360° playback to be available.

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