World Top YouTuber’s who earn Millions

Alright, everybody likes to earn money. But when it comes to earn money at home. We people get more excited when we hear this. But this is not easy as you think it is. Earning money at home is not as easy task as you think. Earning money from YouTube is huge one. Well today let’s make you know who are top youTuber’s whose business is posting videos on YouTube. Yes these people are making million in YouTube. Well then lets have a look at top 7 YouTuber’s who made YouTube as a business place.

No List of World Top YouTuber’s
1 The Fine Bro’s and The Fine Bro’s 2
2 RayWilliam Johnson
3 BlueXephos
4 TobyGames
5 DisneycollectorBR
6 Smosh
7 Pewdiepie
top youtubers
Top youtubers
7. The Fine Bro’s and The Fine Bro’s 2
Fine Brothers, top Youtubers 2015.
Fine Brothers, top Youtubers.

You might have heard about them. They make video’s on people’s reaction on some topic which they dig it. Actually this channel is being run by two man named Benny Fine and Rafi Fine formally known as The Fine Bro’s. Benny Fine was born on mar-19-1981 and Rafi Fine was born on june-09-1983. This channel has almost 14million subscribers.

6. RayWilliam Johnson:
RayWilliam Johnson,top youtuber 2015
                           RayWilliam Johnson,top youtubers

He is American actor, Comedian, Producer, Director, Writer and rapper. Kinda multitalented huh… Yes he is. If we go according to 2015 stats then his channel has 10.8million subscribers and he gained a total of 2.76 billion views. Which is huge thing. He was born on Aug-14-1981.

5. BlueXephos:
BlyeXePhos, top youtubers
                BlueXePhos, top youtubers

Actually this channel is now known as Yogscast. This channel is handled by two people named Lewis and Simon. This channel shows you videos of video games of MineCraft and World of Warcraft. Right now they have a total of 7.2million subscribers. And the views reached around 2.86billions in this year.

4. TobyGames: 
Tonygames. top youtubers
                                Tonygames. top youtubers

                           Of course the title it-self says that this channel films games and upload them to their channel. The owner of this channel is Toby Turner. He has a total of 14.99million subscribers, which is actually a great milestone by him. And views are around 2.91billions.

Alright, now let’s crack top three….

3. DisneycollectorBR:
disneycollectorBR, top youtubers
                       disneycollectorBR, top youtubers

Again this channel was changed to FunToyzCollection. This channel shows up all disney character’s and entertains viewers. Providing commentary in her soothing voice. This channel has a total of 2.41million subscribers. And it has 3.69billions views.

2. Smosh:
Smosh, top youtubers
                        Smosh, top youtubers

Smosh is actually American based channel, which handled by two person. One is Ivan Andrew Hecox and other is Antony Padilla. Ivan was born on Nov-30-1987 and Antony was born on Sep-16-1987. They covered all stuff including comedy videos, filming games and even animated videos, etc. So we can say they are all-rounder. They have a total of 32.81million subscribers and total view count is 6.18billion.

1. Pewdiepie:
Pewdiepie,Top youtubers
Pewdiepie,Top youtubers

Pewdiepie is a popular YouTube channel which is being handled by Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg. This guys ranks first in top Youtubers list. He is better commentator and he comments regularly on popular games with some funny comments on that games. He has the highest subscribers list more than 32million and has a view count of 6.5Billion.


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