Top PHP Frameworks in 2017 worldwide

Top PHP Frameworks in 2017 worldwide
Top PHP Frameworks in 2017 worldwide

PHP is a server side scripting language most popular in 2016. PHP has cover over 80% of the market share among other server side scripting language. If you want to web developer then you must have to know about the PHP and latest frameworks of the PHP. Firstly PHP know for the CMS but now scenario change because of Secure and stable PHP Frameworks.


Worldwide you can see the graph of popularity of PHP and how much people love PHP. If you had decided to go with PHP then lost of PHP Frameworks is their so, you must have to choose where you have to go and why which is the most popular framework for the PHP. Below the Google Trends for PHP Framework.

1 – Laravel

2016 most popular PHP framework Laravel. Laravel free open source, secure and powerful website development framework for PHP. Laravel release in 2011 and become most popular and favourable framework in PHP as well as developer expert suggest to use laravel for development.

2 – CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter, is the 2 most popular PHP framework based on 2016 Google Trends. CodeIgniter is an Free, Open Source and agile website development PHP framework in the market. CodeIgniter is most secure framework among other PHP frameworks.

3 – Symfony2

Symfony2 is at number 3 on Google Trends with people love. Symfony released in 2005 under MIT license. Symfony is most powerful framework as well as collection of decoupled and reusable components. Framework have too many community | developer followers and is used by taggable applications such as Drupal, phpBB and eZ Publish.

If you think that trends change in 2017 and other Framework get the position among those just share your thoughts.



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