Top Five Android Wear App for Air Quality – 1stOriginal

The term “Wear OS” lastly known as “Android wear”, it is a version of the Google Android operating system specially created and design for Wearable watch and smartwatches. we can also pair with smart mobile phones android 4.3 or updated version or in ios 8.2 and newer version also. wear OS integrates mobile notification into smartwatch and also in Google assistant can also download from the play store.

History of Wear OS: On March 18, 2014 wear OS platform was the first time introduces. many big brand mobile companies also join as a partner with Wear OS such companies are Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Asus and LG. the Samsung Gear Live and LG G watch launched on June 25, 2014. LG G watch is the first Android Wear smartwatch to release in a market after that on 5th September Motorola’s Moto 360 launched after that continuously other companies release a smartwatch, for example, Asus, Sony, Huawei watch.


  • Technology lovers can enjoy this Wearable OS, so user can find direction from his/her smartphone. while traveling the smartwatch shows the direction, choose a way of transport, you can also use this technology in your motorbike and start a journey.
  • Using Google Fit and other same applications Wear OS supports ride and run tracking for example “ok Google, starts Run”.
  • The user can also control his/her devices via wear OS, and you can enjoy music, media, photos with Wear OS.
  • You can also check your fitness, mobile phone notification, massaging operate Google assistant.


In global world today air pollution is major problem for not only people but also nature point of view birds-animal also suffer due to bad quality, because of more carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and less of ozone layer in space air that’s also make change of air pollution so in today now everyone knows about quality of air-parameter that’s why new application introduces every week or day of time in tech. World. So people must aware about the environment and air quality for different location of the world as well in India also so mobile app lover must know about how App working and what are the features added in a different application so he/she operate it easily.

WHO (World health organization ) Says On Level of Air Pollution Permission:-

 Major Air Pollutant Level ( Guideline Value )
PM 10 20 μg/m3 annual mean

50 μg/m3 24-hour mean

PM 2.5 10 μg/m3 annual mean

25 μg/m3 24-hour mean

NO2 40 μg/m3 annual mean

200 μg/m3 1-hour mean

SO2 0 μg/m3 24-hour mean

500 μg/m3 10-minute mean

O3 100 μg/m3 8-hour mean

Here is some list of Mobile App who support in Wear who provides unique data for air quality index with perfection.

Air quality checker

This app is great for anyone concerned about air quality and air pollution. Using this you can check air quality immediately in any city. Show air quality information from your nearest monitoring station. Able to show you the air quality and wind on the map.

Air – Q

When we talk about calculates Air quality This mobile app is one of the apps as per information it provides support in Wear, you can find real data for Air quality information this mobile app supported in Wear available in Google play store. Support in any Wear when connected through Air -Q. This mobile App is very helpful for finding all scale of air index for all metro city, 2 tier and 3 tier cities in India, so you can know about all Indian cities weather and air quality information with just one mobile App.

Top Five Android Wear App for Air Quality
Air Q – Breath Healthy Air

Air Q is one of the quality base Mobile App for air quality check in the different zone and various cities across the world as well as in India also, provide real-time data and unique information regarding towards environment information.

Design App:- Talk about design prospects in Air Q you can attract towards the design of Air Q.


  • Find the perfect and actual population index in any area.
  • Find Automatically your location and gives unique information on air.
  • Find the measure of PM2.5
  • You can also know about Ozone
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in air
  • Sulphur Dioxide ( So2) in airspace
  • PM10 in air
  • Ammonia in environment
  • Greenhouse Gases in airspace
  • Carbon Dioxide( Co2) in air
  • Black carbon in the environment
  • Eye-catchy screenshot
  • Real-time and unique data gathered for various cities.

So overall all information you know on air quality on so2, co, o3, no2. So this mobile app called Air Q is one of the finest App for measuring Air index for all Indian city using Air Q with Support to Wear also.

Enviro Air Quality Index

One of the fine mobile app for air quality check in a different zone and various cities across the world, provide real-time data and unique information regarding towards environment. Good screenshot nice design and working of App also very nice.

Air Quality Index weather app

This mobile app is well known for its working of style and fact information providing for air quality checking in the different location of areas.- in the world. Give you a true information regarding weather and environment. Better design makes this app very fine.

Air Quality: Real-time

This app is also one of the fine App for checking air condition in the environment and also its give you a very good information in return. You can find many cities of air condition through the Air Quality. Design and screenshot of this mobile app are very catchy for app lovers.

So overall this is some well known mobile app that gives you a best and real result on air quality index for many cities around the world as well as in cities of India.