Top Five Android TV Wear App for Air-Quality

Android TV is one of the Android operating systems specially designed for digital media players. the platform was firstly released in June 2014, with using Nexus player launch device publish in October. this platform also takes up as smart TV middleware by various companies, for example, Sharp, Sony, and VU TVs. the main aim for introduces Android TV is that user interfaces design and searching for the voice. different media apps and services and connect with Google technology such as Cast, Knowledge of graph, Assistant.

No Table Of Content – Top Five Android TV Apps  For Air – Quality
1. History Of Android TV
2. Air – Quality
3. List Of Android TV Application


Android TV was first declared publicly at Google i/o in June 2014 as an inheritor to the commercially and not successful of Google TV. close to the Android system and focusing on supporting video games on the platform with supporting of video games on the help of Bluetooth gamepads and Google play Games framework. Google publishes the first Android TV devices, the nexus player develop by Asus in the hardware event in October 2014.

Air Quality

In global world today air pollution is major problem for not only people but also nature point of view birds-animal also suffer due to bad quality, because of more carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and less of ozone layer in space air that’s also make change of air pollution so in today now everyone knows about quality of air-parameter that’s why new application introduces every week or day of time in tech. World.

WHO (World health organization ) says on Level of Air Pollution Permission:-

 Major Air Pollutant Level ( Guideline Value )
PM 10 20 μg/m3 annual mean

50 μg/m3 24-hour mean

PM 2.5 10 μg/m3 annual mean

25 μg/m3 24-hour mean

NO2 40 μg/m3 annual mean

200 μg/m3 1-hour mean

SO2 0 μg/m3 24-hour mean

500 μg/m3 10-minute mean

O3 100 μg/m3 8-hour mean

List of Air Quality Application Support in Android TV

Here we listed some top of Air quality measure mobile app that’s bring you best knowledge on how it working and which feature is shown in Mobile App.

No Top Five Android TV & Wear Application For Air Quality
1. Air Quality Checker
2. E – Weather
3. AirQ – Breath Healthy Air
4. Air Matters
5. Air – Quality Real Time

1. Air Quality Checker

This app is great for anyone concerned about air quality and air pollution. Using this you can check air quality immediately in any city. Show air quality information from your nearest monitoring station. Able to show you the air quality and wind on the map.

2. E – Weather

eWeather HD is the most informative Android app about weather and your environment. It includes current weather and weather forecasts from different weather providers, NOAA radar, weather alerts.

3. AirQ – Breath Healthy Air

When we talk about calculates Air quality This mobile app is one of the apps as per information it provides support in Android TV, you can find real data for Air quality information this mobile app supported in Android TV available in Google play store. Support in any Android TV when connected through Air -Q. This mobile App is very helpful for finding all scale of air index for all metro city, 2 tier and 3 tier cities in India, so you can know about all Indian cities weather and air quality information with just one mobile App.

Top Five Android TV Wear App for Air-Quality

Design – Air Q:- 

Talk about design prospects in Air Q you can attract towards the design of Air Q.

  • An amazing design for the mobile app.
  • Color combination set very smartly.
  • Looking Stylish and very cool looking of the logo.


  • Find the perfect and actual population index in any area.
  • Find Automatically your location and gives unique information on air.
  • Find the measure of PM2.5
  • You can also know about Ozone
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in air
  • Sulphur Dioxide ( So2) in airspace
  • PM10 in air
  • Ammonia in environment
  • Greenhouse Gases in airspace
  • Carbon Dioxide( Co2) in air
  • Black carbon in the environment

So overall all information you know on air quality on so2, co, o3, no2. So this mobile app called Air Q is one of the finest App for measuring Air index for all Indian city.

4. Air Matters

one of the good mobile app to measure air quality, Gives data from more than 10,000 monitoring stations for over 50 countries. Show air quality information from your nearest monitoring station. Show pollen data & forecast for United States, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Air matters find the quality of the air index in the environment.

5. Air Quality-Real time

This app is also one of the fine App for checking air condition in the environment and also its give you a very good information in return. You can find many cities of air condition through the Air Quality App

So finally this is some well known mobile app that gives you the best result on air quality index for many cities around the world as well as in all cities of India.