Top 5 Android Apps Running in Chrome OS

Chrome OS is an operating system designed by Google and based on the Linux kernel, uses the Google Chrome web browser with UI principle, so Chrome OS support in web App and also integrated with media player and file manager, as well as remote access to the desktop.


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1. History Of Chrome OS
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4. Top Five Android Application Running in ChromOS


History Chrome OS

Google introduces Chrome OS in July 2009 July 7, Knows as O.S in which both application. Matthew papakipos is the former engineer for Chrome OS projects, uses three machines and logging in for the brief session to make a single search query or mail send. On 19th of November 2009, Google releases the source code for Chromium OS projects.


Generally, in Laptop Chrome are known as Chromium Book and the first one is CR-48. Chrome OS supports in dual-monitor setups, on devices with a video-out port. LG electronic also introduces the first device known as “Chrome base”.the chrome bit as an HDMI dongle running Chrome OS when it’s connected to the TV the device turns the display into a personal computer.

Chrome App

Google introduces a not just Chrome OS but also Chrome App from a user perspective chrome app resemble native App also launch outside of Chrome browser also manage one or more windows and connect to many application also, some technology included e.g. HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Top Android Application Running in Chrome

Using Flipboard in 2014 Google i/o successful run android application in Chrome OS and introduces the beta version of App runtime for Chrome. In 2016 major success by Google and ability to run the Android app on supportive chrome OS devices using Google Play Services.

Top Five Android Application running in Chrome OS

In recent years severalChromebookk have already got many Android apps with help of Google Play and also working on next other apps to take now most latest Chromebook have play store so not worry for android app lover those who have Chromebook. Android app supporting few of Chromebooks and Chrome bit also.


Spotify is an Android App for the music lover and allows the user to add songs and also save it to the library and the user can synchronize many music files to Spotify mobile application and in the computer in same of internet or wifi connection. You can not pay anything to download or install of this Android App. for music and online music, save to library this app is very best for the user.


Firefox is another important mobile app, gives the best feature for searching any of worldwide available for Chrome. the user can synchronize various devices with the run of Firefox using the setting of privacy on other versions of Firefox with use of same of extension when install. The user can run the android firefox on the desktop with full screen. Firefox also comes with many other important features for uses, searching anything and library for add-ons .it’s free to install.


Another popular Android App gives a fantastic result for video editing and many of purposes for making an advanced video. Quik is coming from GoPro, it also allows you to add music, choose filters, and even overlay some really cool text onto your videos. It’s not the most advanced app out there, but the results are impressive enough that you make happy, also pull videos from your gallery or Google Photos or Facebook.

  • It is lightweight
  • Working wonder
  • Impressive video cutting
  • Make eye catch video with the use of Quik  Also, you can install Free no any extra charge so everyone should use it.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox is also is an important android app that you can download it from Chromebook, Google and Microsoft have capable of online in Chromebook, need to improve some technical aspects for Dropbox in Chromebook, the interface working nice on big screen, it is free to get in Chrome.


Slack is cross-platform service where you can chat with friend and professional with better feature like chat in public and private with voice and video call, the user can also mobile phone also, android’s Slack is one of the best, Chromebook is supporting slack and working very smoothly it is free. slack also integrated comfortable and notifications come in the same way all your Chrome notifications do.

In the Chromebook you can get many more other more Android App this is some of listed that you can have for daily purposes.