Tools for Blogger must have to use Daily Routine in Blogging !

Blogging is the most hardest thing to do in the World. I am not saying that you have to Quit but you should have to be clear about your blog at the end this is the Future of your career. The most common thing for the beginners is that they have to know about the tools which pro-blogger used how much they spend their time for do the things and which tools they are using in their daily life of Blogging. So, Today i am not going to give you how to start blogging but i am just giving Tools for Blogger must have to use Daily Routine in Blogging !

Tools for Blogger do better blogging !
Tools for Blogger do better blogging !

#1. Follow Bloggers

#2. Read All Blog/Article

#3. How much they Spent time for the Blogging.

#4. How they Communicate with Social People.

#5. Keep some Secret from Your Side.

#6. Select Milestone.

#7. Do work for your Passion.

#8. Be a Programmer.

#9. Share your Success Story.

#10. Always Talk with People and get Feedback from them and implement this in your Life.


This is some what i think for the Blogger Life we not sure for all Blogger they have their own mind set. I am discovered too much tools for the blogger and also tested how grow more and more. so, I just covered tool from AMIT AGRAWAL who is Indian Pro-Blogger and do blogging since 2004. He always do something new for the Internet People like we all are. So, today i am discovered all their blogs, article’s and social profiles. I found the best tool which blogger have to used in their daily Life routine. If you want to direct visit them site then click here…


  1. Secure Password
  2. Web Screenshort
  3. Embed Instagram
  4. Send HTML Mail
  5. Hundred Zeros
  6. Adsense SandBox
  7. Podcast Gallery
  8. Zero Dollar Movies
  9. Dear Assistant
  10. Online Dictation
  11. Geo Location
  12. Tall Tweets for Twitter
  13. Technology Stories
  14. Price Tracker
  15. Print YouTube
  16. The First Tweet
  17. Uber Price Bot
  18. YouTube P.I.P (IPAD)
  19. Reverse Search
  20. Contacts Map

This Tools really helps to me improve my site ranking and get feedback from the readers. I just go some other brief tools which they are going to SELL and you can improve your website or other online business by Purchasing those tools. 4k+ client happy from their work, 200+ projects he had done, 4 Awards winner and yes most expensive is he have 16 Years of experienced in this field.

  1. Mail Merge with Gmail
  2. Mail Merge Advanced
  3. Extract Emails
  4. Google Search Scraper
  5. Bulk Auto-forward Emails
  6. Send to Google Drive
  7. Google From Notification
  8. Tweet Archiver
  9. Gmail Scheduler
  10. Google Drive Permission
  11. Save Gmail as PDF
  12. Amazon Price Tracker.

That’s it from me i love to here you and also want your feedback for the how long i have to write and how much deep description you have to need.


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