Ten interesting facts on Japan that you should know

Japan is one of the most dynamic countries in the world, also known as a Nippon or Nihon is an island country in East Asia located in the Pacific Ocean.

Interesting Facts On Japan

Here we know some interesting facts on Japan for your knowledge.

  1. More senior citizen compares to youth population:- Its a sad information about Japan that there is childbirth rate ratio is very less and that’s why in recent past year elders are more in comparison to adult population.
  2. More than 1500 Earthquake occur in Japan in every year:- compare to other country Japan is one of the beautiful countries but unfortunately in the single year in Japan suffer from around 1500 Earthquake so that’s not good sing for japans people in future prospects.
  3. Baseball is one of the most popular game in Japan:- Baseball is much popular in Japan compared to other Asian countries normally in Japan sumo is like a national game of Japan but Baseball is the most loved game in Japan now.
  4. Suicide rates are much higher:- Japan has one of the wealthiest countries in the world and have colorful culture, and people also are highly disciplined and professional and many successful people live in Japan but unfortunately 30,000 Japanese suicide in every year so overall, 24 people died out of 1,00,000 Japanese by self. and the dark side is that younger age of people suicide every year.
  5. the reason behind the suicide is those job problems and the fresh graduate, some of the financial problems also
  6. Not New York, Mumbai and any city of the world, Japan’s Tokyo is one of the biggest city in the world.
  7. Japanese people normally eat breakfast or dinner from the store or supermarket.
  8. In Japan, you have to bow instead of shaking hands:- normally people shake hand while meeting with international guest and business person but Japanese people always want to polite and welcome to their guests with japan own culture, but if you want to show the same politeness and best culture awareness you have to bow instead of shaking hands.
  9. Japan’s people like McDonald that why around 3000 McDonald available in Japan.
  10. Fruit is one of the best gift take-ups and receives by japans people to each other because the fruit is expensive compared to other countries.

There are many other interesting facts on Japan because Japan is one of the best countries for technology term of view, working style of people and how the smartly live in Japan and eat around 17 million ton fish in each year that was socking interesting facts, capsule hotel you can show in very cities of Japan.

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