Sony Portable Projector makes your walls 80″


Sony has added new product to its projector line up. But this one is ultra-portable and small in size. It resolution is 1366×768 and can project the screen size from 22” to 80”. It has a tiny diode which can project video and pictures up to 100 lumens.


The name of the projector Is sonyLSX-P1 projector.

Okay now imagine a 22” display on your refrigerator or table. You can do all kinds of tasks everywhere in that tiny display. You can view your videos or pictures anywhere anytime. It is also termed as short throw projector.


A 22” projector which can project 4K videos with superb clarity. And you can change your pics by just waving your hand. And it will change the pic and you can move further. As it has sensors built it to change the pics. It is even water-proof. So you take it everywhere we want. It has built-in wifi so you can stream you videos and pics to this project. Stick the Short Throw Projector on the fridge and it beams photos, notes, drawings, and reminders onto the surface as a kind of virtual, interactive pinboard.


So many features packed in a small box of size 10CM’s and 2 built in speakers and two hour battery and can be easily carried in one hand. This will soon launch in US and  would price approx 784$ roughly around 54000INR. There is also a dedicated floor stand that can be purchased separately for JPY 19,000 (approximately INR10,000 or $160).

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