Self-Driving cars 2016

This topics says about self-driving cars in 2016.well first lets know the word self-driving cars tells us about. Self-driving cars means Autonomous cars. Now this means that there is no need of driver or to drive a car. Of course this feels exciting when you think that there is no need to drive or the cars drives it self’s. Now when you say someone self-driving cars 2015 it feels like its old one because 2015 is almost over. So let’s speak about what’s next i.e. 2016.

This project is being in process by many major companies. The companies like Google and off-course auto-car company Volvo.

First lets speak about Google working in autonomous cars i.e. self-driving carsProject X yes that is the name of the project Google termed it.

According to a survey made in 2015 almost 98% accidents happen due to human irresponsibility. Now to reduce these figures self-driving cars are made. Now let’s see how this self-driving cars work. According to Google it has sensors that can detect an object or a flying object up to two football fields. Strange, but true. Now we all might be thinking Google is constantly working on this project named Project X. What vehicle does it uses? It uses Toyota  Priuses. Till now it has traveled around 30000 kilometers, and it has to pass many milestones like passing through a busy traffic or mountainous areas etc. Now at last we would be thinking that when we will see this on road or when we can travel in these autonomous cars. Well Google stated that it will bring this to real in the coming 4-5 years.

Google Self-Driving car Toyota pruice
Google Self-Driving car Toyota pruice

Now let’s speak a bit about auto-giant company named Volvo.

volvo self-driving cars concept
Volvo Self – Driving Cars Concept

Alright, now nobody likes to get suffered in traffic. Due to traffic we get stressed and then make some major mistakes due to anger and thus results in accidents. Volvo wants this to reduce. So it is constantly working on this project named Autonomous cars. Volvo announced that it is going to launch it vehicle on Nov 18 2017 on the streets of Sweden. According to picture provided by Volvo it is working on SUV’S. And it named it concept 26.

In this project there are two modes

    • Driver Mode : In this mode off-course you are right, the driver himself drives the car.


    • Autopilot Mode : Here comes the twist. When we shift to this mode, your car automatically changes to living room with home theater built in. This is awesome right. And even the seat bends backward so that you can sit comfortable and enjoy your Netflix queues. And just enjoy your ride with your compatibility. The whole interior changes inside. Well this feature is similar to Tesla’s model s.


Volvo stated that initially only 100 drivers will be allowed to use this car on the regulated roads of Sweden. Volvo still hasn’t stated these cars will be using electric power or fuels. In fact Volvo stated that it has invested 1 billion dollars on its research and development department. It stated that it will bring this to reality in 2017, ahead of Google and Ford. Still Volvo hasn’t stated anything when it will be available to general public. But it passes its tests in Sweden’s traffic then we can expect it a bit early.

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