Popular Tools For Animation in 2018 – 1stOriginal

An animation is a dynamic way to manipulates image or objects to show like moving images. While talking about traditional animation, images are drawn by hand with transparent celluloid sheets for use in movies. Talk about today working mode for animation by using CGI (Computer-generated imagery), computer animation can be known by 3D animation while 2D used for the stylistic reason with low bandwidth or fast real-time rendering.

Types of Animation

In a world of animation, there are different types of animation style, designing, and techniques.

  • Traditional animation:- Traditional animation known as drawn by hand.
  • 2D Vector-based animation:-2D animation uses vector and bitmap to drawn and create-edit images using the computer and some software programs, for example, Flash, After Effects, Photoshop. This type of 2d animation uses for TV, games, movies, advertisement -marketing.
  • 3D computer animation:- 3D animation also known as three-dimensional moving images within the 3D software for exporting picture sequence and gives the illusion of movement of animation.
  • Motion graphics:- It is a piece of digital footage or animation to creates the illusion of motion or rotation and many time uses in audio in multimedia projects.
  • Stop motion:- Stop-motion known as a making different technique in which objects are physically manipulated in separate photograph frame that why the appear like independent motion when the number of frames is played as a fast speed sequence.

Animation Tool

Here we can know some popular animation tool that provides the best design and effects with help of animation tool.

Make Web Video

 Make web video is the online tool for unique-quality base animation as well as in HD video in few minutes. If you want to create highly complex animation in a short time. The user can choose any of templates and then be adding for text, make web video is a web-based application so a user does not need to download any kind of software and simple to create their animations in browsers. You have to spend some money on this but a user can get full of the expected result.

EWC Presenter

The EWC presenter is one of the famous animation tool, animation, and design lovers always go through the EWC Presenter first, help in creating dynamic animation and also have many of animation effects.  The user can choose the wide range of template for various categories and industries, also have drag and drop facilities available in EWC Presenter. The EWC Presenter supported in HTML5, running on all major devices and desktop platform also.

Rendor forest

Renderforest help to creates an animated video maker that help to create slideshow, logo, animation and many business videos. It is free for use and you can export and produce many videos using Renderforest. This tool is best for a business professional. Renderforest Gives a many of template can be customized and many of companies to create the presentation, promotional videos, effects-design and many more other activity that you can do without spending more money like other


Mixeek is also a wonderful animation tool for creating many types of design and effects, Mixeek is an online tool support in HTML5 and you can easily work on any browser, many effective options provided in Mixeek for creates high-quality design and animation.

Google Web Designer

 Google web designer is a free and useful tool for unique and attractive design on user devices, in 2014 Google update Google web designer HTML5 tool which gives fabulous and widely option to create animated and designer content, one thing is is that no code necessary for this tool.


The explee app is an amazing app to make an attractive design and make an animated video. This is a cloud base app can operate from any device like laptops, tablet, and mobile also. For a business point of view, this tool is important for design and create high-end design and template.


In Empresser user can operate many features with the high range of template and edited features with UI. Empreser is a good tool for business presentation, animation effects.


Prezi is one of the stylish online animation tool for creating an attractive presentation as well as best animation with a quality of graphics, a user can create the effective presentation by using images, video and many words with many effects, Prezi is supported in many devices e.g mobile, tablet and desktop also. Ts available in free version and paid also.

So overall this is some most popular and useful animation tool that can help you in many activities and business work making videos-images.