No need for Paid SEO

No need for Paid SEO
No need for Paid SEO

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for the Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of the search engine for select your site and crawl site data for give result to people. It means best SEO give rank in search result first.

How SEO Work ?

1. Exclusion Standards

  • Robots exclusion standard OR Robots exclusion Potocol OR robot.txt

Robot that’s search or crawl your webpages for further use for the search engine. Also they categories your site using the sitemap of the website. Some other robots are there for the spam, email spam, malware, spambots that scan for security vulnerabilities may even start with the portions of the website where they have been told to stay out.

  • Meta tags

Meta Tags is just give information about any article, what article about and what are covered in this article.

  • Meta Keyword Attribute – Which kind of keyword’s you had use for the whole page list main keywords mostly covered in page.
  • Title Tag – People search in Search Engine how our Post came over there in the search result.
  • Meta Description Attribute – What is covered in the page detailed description of the page.
  • Meta Robot Attribute – For the Crawler robot see in our webpage. What is covered here for the all Search Engine’s.
  • Nofollow

No follow is the value that given to the HTML rel element for the search engine do not crawl and crawl.

2. Related Marketing Topics

  • Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing also known as a Digital Marketing. Company who want to brand their products in the market the best way is the Digital Marketing. This means Marketing Company do work use of the Internet like the Do SEO, use tools for ranking, Paid Advertisement and much more way to do Internet Marketing.

  • E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is the one kind of the campaigns for the Subscriber of the website. Company share selected people for that. They give discounts and offers to their subscribers and much more things to gives offer to the customers.

  • Web analytics

Web analytics is like calculation of the how much people visit your site, which country they are belongs, how much time they spent on the site, age of the visitor.

3. Search Marketing related Topics

  • Search Engine Marketing

In that how much visibility of your site for the search engine. How much pages of your site crawl for the search engine which page rank our site come. Also we can do the paid ads for the ranking to the first on search engine.

  • Social Media Optimization

Social Media is the best way for visibility for the search engine. Also people directly links to the brand. We also do campaigns for the Marketing.

  • Online Identity Management

Paid Internet Marketing involves the OI of the company and products of the company.

  • Google bomb

This is best practice’s for the one webpage at the 1st rank in the search engine rank.

4. Search Engine Spam

  • Spamdexing

Spam + Indexing means how much rank your webpage for the Search Engine. How much index of the site doing spam and listing of the site.

  • Web scraping

Web Scraping is the best tool for the fetching data of the site and do spamming to the site for building the site link.

  • Scraper site

Scraper Site means those who want to earn the online money. What they are doing copy data from other website and build data of their site and earning the Money.

  • Link farm

Link-Farm like all site need to be rank in the first but they need to build the site-link. So, building the site-link is the known as the Link-farm. People do in group of the site to build site links.

  • Free for all linking

Some of the Site gives facility for the build your site links. They select your site categories wise and give result to the search engine.

5. Linking

  • Backlink

Back-Link is the technique for the site link building. If your site having good back-link then site come’s first into the page rank.

  • Link building

Link-Building is the process for doing other site article and over their most links come at over site.

  • Link exchange

Submit your links and contact information if anyone want to exchange the link of their site then they contact you for build both your and their site links good in search results.

  • Organic linking

This is link exchange mechanism but they do not pay for the exchange the site links.

6. Other

  • GEO Targeting

It’s link we want to target some of the content deliver to the such geographic area. We can do this from paid and also doing good SEO for free not investing money.

  • Stop Words

Most commonly used word in the language.

  • Poison Words

The Word do not respect or used to somewhere bad position.

  • Content Farm

All is this Content-Farm. People writer and do research for the ranking and write for ranking this all meet over here

That’s it from our writers all want to share this for do well SEO and rank-first into the small time period. Do share 🙂 , Like and Happy if you Comment below your Reviews. 🙂

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