Moto 360 Sport Features

Let’s talk about android wearable’s. These are just smart watches. And there is lots of difference between smart phone and a smart watch. All things that a smart phone cannot be done by a smart watch. But yes things done by a smart phones can be showed by smart watches. So lets speak about moto 360 sport. Yes the sports edition. Earlier before Motorola has launched Moto 360 Features which was actually a good one.

Moto 360 sport
Moto 360 sport

So these are the specs of Moto 360 Sport :

  • Specifying colours (Black, White, Flame orange)
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Wireless charging (charging inside dock)
  • Water resistant (ip67 water resistant)
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Battery life
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Built in GPS.


Heart Rate Sensor:

It has built in heart rate sensor. With this we can measure our heartbeat. Which is actually a good thing.


Wireless Charging:

Wireless charging is actually an essential feature in daily life. I mean who uses those fluffy weird wire to connect and then connect your gadget and then let it charge. Motorola provides charging dock inside the box.

Water Resistant:

It even has water resistant which means it is water proof. If you want to have bath then its your to choice you can take it with you, as it is water resistant.

Ambient Light Sensor:

This sensor is much needed for a smart watch. This sensor detects the environmental conditions and makes display vibrant so that you can even in sunny day without any problem.

Battery Life:

After all things we need to know how much is the battery. The battery is 3000 mAh. Which gives you to run the whole day with ambient sensor working the whole day.


Wifi Connectivity:

Now, this is essential feature. All smart watches have Bluetooth to connect with your smart phone. But this smart watch  ahs wifi in it so you can it with your wifi. The best advantage is range. Your smart watch will be connected to your phone as much its range of wifi.

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