Most Popular Application For Live Streaming Videos In 2018 – 1stOriginal

In today generation live streaming video is more popular for chatting, gossip and connectivity purposes., the user can talk individually and in a group in real and live time. Inthe digital world now there are many application available for live video streaming. Here we can know more detail about the live video broadcast application list.

Facebook live

Without any question, Facebook is one of the leading social connectivity apps for talk, chat, news feed and live chat. This application available in ios and android both the store. Million of people uses this application for the live chat with the friend, office work, and many other activities. The user can show comments as well as also add comments in live chat and viewers in the live video page.

Instagram Live video

One of the major and dominant social media application for the chat, live video conversation. A user can talk live to their respective followers. Live video generate a colored ring in profile picture you can also show comments and viewers.


Mostly twitter user can use this app for the live broadcast for social media purposes supported in ios and Android devices, after the completion of video this video save automatically as a tweet, you can search video and delete it any time by your choices. During a live session, you can interact with your followers and chat without any problem.

You now

You now is a live streaming and social network for quality base content such as musician, artist, and DJ. you can go live and hang out with your friends and group with live button, you can also live chat with broadcasters, access messages, subscription, and replay, this is free as well as subscription cost of around $5 per month.


Livestream is a quality based service for people and business for serious live broadcast. Almost 10 million Live stream powers per annual and claim the title of world #1 video platform. This app is very easy to operate and provide the high-quality base result and this company offers fast and best customer service.

For those who like LiveStream offers best three packages, you can also install with limited features.

  • Simple and basic for beginner to video broadcast
  • The premium package for small companies and organization
  • Enterprise for business with advanced live streaming


Stream uses for broadcast and user can watch the live video directly from the stream application with your ios and Android devices, the user can also comment using microphone also with text and save it to your phone. You can also subscribe channels for live video also share with social media app e.g. facebook and twitter.


Zoom quality base platform for the live-streaming option for companies and organize meeting sizes. Run separate one to one live video meeting, video collaboration conference rooms, videos webinars, voice and video screen sharing, reporting, registration. Zoom free plan for around 100 users for almost 40 minutes, premium plan begin with $14.99 per month.


If you want to connect with more viewer talk, chat and interaction this live community is for you, it an online video chat platform used for chat purpose for any categories and different topics you can also invite others to join your conversation.

Youtube Live

One of the most popular and widely accepted platforms for connecting many of people in same time for discussion and chat offers broadcast services with the use of your camera and webcam you can interact with many people in real time. Youtube gives professional control for broadcast and you can add your video with ads if you want.

So overall this is some top application for live streaming videos and most of this platform gives you an amazing experience.