Mi Band 1S Cheap Band in Market

Mi Band 1s
Mi Band 1s

Everybody might be wondering if there is a gadget that can track my steps which I walk whole day. And even tracks my sleep. Well that’s what Xiaomi did with launch of Mi Band. What if there is gadget that does not track only your step and the amount of sleep you have but also it shows your heart beat rate. Yes you heard it right it can even track your heart beat.

There is one more feature in which you will be attracted. You can unlock your phone by this wearable gadget. All you need it to pair it with your android smartphone. No worries when you are at swimming pool or in water areas it still lives as it is waterproof.

Okay, now everybody might be wondering as it offers these many features then there would be no battery backup. Surprisingly it offers 30 days battery life under single charge. The company claims it is 4 times longer than the regular band in this price range.

Just imagine you need to wake up a bit early next morning. When you set an alarm on your phone. The phone vibrates and then you wake up. Well if you have this band then the band vibrates during the alarm time. So there is one more accurate way to wake up earlier.

Now let’s come to pricing part. Well regarding pricing you might be totally shocked after hearing the price. Even I was totally shocked after hearing the price. The price of MI BAND 1S is around 1200rs which is around 18$. With the provided features and price is too cheap.

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