List of 7 Blockchain platform in India

7 Blockchain platform in India

No Blockchain platform in India
1 Primechain
2 Coinsecure
3 Signzy
4 EzyRemit
5 SOMISH- Blockchain Solutions
6 PSI PHI Blockchain Labs
7 KrypC
List of 7 Blockchain platform in India
List of 7 Blockchain platform in India

1. Primechain

Primechain is a young startup born with the mission of building blockchains for a better world

Primechain Blockchain powered products : 
1. Primechain CONTRACT
2. Primechain API
3. Primechain LOAN
4. Primechain Charge Registry
5. Primechain KYC
6. Primechain MONEY

  • Primechain operate the BankChain community of banks for exploring, building and implementing blockchain solutions. Formed in February 2017 with State Bank of India (one of the largest banks in the world) being the first member, BankChain now has 27 members from India and the Middle East.

Open Source by Primechain –

  • YobiChain is your very own private blockchain ecosystem preloaded with development tools, database, web & FTP servers and 4 blockchain applications.

GitHub Repo of Primechain –

2. Coinsecure

Realtime Bitcoin Trading Platform

They provide an easy to use Bitcoin exchange, merchant services, a blockchain explorer, as well as a hosted wallet.

GitHub Repo –

3. Signzy

Cognitive computing has the potential to dramatically simplify digital trust processes throughout the financial services industry.

Signzy is now fully focussed on the finance vertical because that is where the founders see potential. The startup was the winner of the Payment System Innovation Contest 2016 sponsored by the Reserve Bank of India. Signzy’s solutions can also be ported to any market in any country and it has plans to expand overseas. The company also plans to use its technology to prevent frauds in credit cards, fund transfer and in the capital market.

4. EzyRemit

EzyRemit is an innovative FinTech and Blockchain platform and solutions company which is focused on changing the remittance market. Working at the intersection of technology, payments and banking industry from many years, we saw the many redundancies in the system and the need for change.

5. SOMISH- Blockchain Solutions


BLOCKCHAIN – SOMISH team has a clear understanding of key tenets behind Blockchain Technology, having worked on a wide variety of blockchain use-cases like:

  • P2P Insurance
  • Aviation Maintenance Log
  • Subsidy Distribution
  • Crisis Fund Distribution
  • Bill Discounting
  • Tokenized Fund Transfer
  • And others..

They have hands-on experience in building a Private, Permissioned or Public Blockchain MVP using underlying frameworks like Ethereum and HyperLedger Fabric amongst others.

GitHub Repo –

6. PSI PHI Blockchain Labs

Building next generation tech products based on distributed ledger technology

They are learning and experimenting with the evolving Blockchain technology, building products and prototypes for different use-cases for healthcare, supply chain industry and enterprises.

GitHub Repo –

7. KrypC

We will work with you to create an effective proof of concept with measurable results all the way from concepts to reality.

KrypC released KrypCore, the MVP version of their middleware platform that addresses the threads of enterprise resistance to blockchain. By using KrypCore, enterprises can create a custom-built blockchain for their needs with zero coding effort.