Lenovo AR Glasses


Augmented Reality market is projected to reach $100 billion by 2020. Giant company always jump into the big profit business this is the big amount for the company. Lenovo already done their work by giving them people lenovo smart phone with Card-Board. Lenovo know that people love virtual reality Gadget’s more that’s the reason LENOVO jump into the Augmented Reality world. At the CES 2017 lenovo showcased their AR Glasses C200 Smart Glasses and work with AR software. Lenovo going to do production of the Glass C200 in June 2017.

No DETAILS OF Lenovo AR Glasses
1 Product
2 Weighs
3 Operating System
4 Lenovo AI Software
5 Features
6 Developers Supports

Lenovo want to find their way into the industry of smart ar glasses combination of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Lenovo want place like Vuzix Glasses have in the market of augmented reality.

Product – C200 glasses

Weighs – 60 grams

Operating System

  • Pocket Unit and runs Linux
  • Android App for your Smartphone

Lenovo AI Software – Lenovo NBD Martin


  • 20 Objects Detections (In future more)
  • Voice Command
  • Gestures Detections
  • Special Buttons

For Developers – NBD Titan

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