Learning Android any of these 7 best Online Courses

Today Learning Android programming is in treading. and i think you should have to learn android programming language. but now in your mind one question is come how to start learn android and where can i learn android ? so don’t worry, today we discussing about 7 sites which tech you how to start android programming and how to make android app for your android phone.

No List of Android Learning Online Courses
1 Udacity
2 Code Academy
3 Code School
4 Treehouse
5 Coursera
6 edX
Learning Android best course
Learning Android from Top best course around globe




Duration Varies between courses

Udacity joined Google for the Android course and other much more Course available on the Udacity for become an Expert on your field. You can learn some of the course free and some of course paid but in  low cost. Learning Android from Udacity and Google some time launch course coupons for the Students who really want to learn android course not cost free.

Code Academy


Duration 1-5 hours per course

Unlike the Android Nanodegree, Codecademy (codecademy.com) starts with the basics and moves on from there. The lessons take the form of interactive exercises that run in your browser, and cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby and PHP. It doesn’t cover advanced programming but it’s very accessible. If you are beginner and want to learning Android then this is the best site to learn about the basic of the Android.

Code School

Price$29 per month

Duration Varies between courses 

CodeSchool(codeschool.com) has a “learn by doing” mantra and it isn’t for beginners – like the Udacity Nanodegree, you’re going to need some Level of existing knowledge to be able to make sense of the course. There are many programming modules to choose from and some resources can be accessed for free. Code School also take new course more available for the Students so,they can learn more easily and fast at anywhere.


Price$25-49 per month

Duration Around 45 hours

In total for all courses Of All the online education platforms featured here, Treehouse (teamtreehouse.com) is one of the most comprehensive. It offers students a vast array of different tracks and topics (including Android development), with strong community support, and you can choose a tailored route through to match your existing talents and your ultimate goals. You love to learn easy layout navigation to the course.


Price Free

Duration Typically around four weeks

Coursera (coursera.org) partners with top universities from across the world and enables you to access different study options, including mobile development for Android. There’s less interactivity than other portals, with lesson grading often done by computer algorithms or by your fellow students, for example.


Price Free

Duration Varies between courses

A non-profit run by Harvard and MIT, edX (edx.org) follows the Coursera model of partnering with universities to provide courses, a number of which cover programming. The quality can be more hit and miss than it is on Udacity, but aside from some verified certificate fees the courses are free for students to follow.


In Last i love to share my best experienced for you all this is not a course you may like all above if you want to know Android and basic of android below some of the Site they provide best ever code and example with good explanation of the Android Beginner to Be an Expert in Android Apps Development.

  1. http://www.androidhive.info/
  2. http://www.vogella.com/tutorials/Android/article.html
  3. http://www.vogella.com/tutorials/android.html

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