Interesting facts on Thailand

Thailand Basic Information

Thailand also is known as a kingdom of Thailand previously known as Siam, located in the center of Southeast Asian  Indochinese peninsula composed around 76 provinces with 1,98,120 sq mi with over 6cr people live in Thailand, Thailand is world 50th largest country by Area while 21st most populous country, the capital of Thailand is world famous Bangkok and also a special administrative area.

Added to that Thailand border connected with the country to the north Myanmar and Laos, to the east region by Laos and Cambodia, to the south by the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia while in the west connected to Andaman sea.

The official language of Thailand is Thai, while other languages also people can speak e.g Isan, Kam Mueang, and Pak Tai.

Interesting Facts On Thailand

  1. Thailand is the only country in Asia was never capture by any European country, in the Thai language name of the country is Prathet Thai means “land of free”.
  2. In Thailand, you can find both of the small and large creatures, the small one is bumblebee bat known as a Thailand home while large fish is Whale shark, in Thai waters.
  3. Around one-tenth of people live in Bangkok the largest city of Thailand as well as capital.
  4. Over 30,000 temple in Thailand called a land of temples, people visit temples with wearing modest clothing means no shorts or sleeveless shirts.

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