Intel launched 5G technology at MWC

Intel launched 5G technology at MWC phote credits:
Intel launched 5G technology at MWC


Ever wonder when we stuck at forests and there are no options for connectivity. As forests usually are always known as low network area. Well I can’t even think about that situation. It is like bad nightmare.

Till date everybody heard about 4G network. And we tend to use it on our phones or in our broadband connections at home. Have you ever thought about the 5G network. If you have , then you are at the right place.

You have everything GPS, rented car, your laptop or even a tablet. But when there is no network and  we can’t do anything. If you google then you are thinking the same way I am thinking. But this may work sometimes and sometimes isn’t. okay, now enough of situations, now let’s come to reality.

 With 5G technology all of your devices will get connected easier and faster” said by Aicha Evans Intel corporate Vice President and General Manager of the communication and devices group.

She calls 5G as a fusion of all networks i.e 2.5G, 3G, 4G, LTE, WIFI will transform the way we communicate and interact with world. “Quoted by Evans”.

Right now if you think all connections are on a single mode i.e when you search something and you get a respond with your search result. With 5G connections your communication becomes more interactive.

Quoted by Evans by 2020 when 5g comes to market then then almost 50billion devices would be connected. All the Self Driving cars would automatically communicate with traffic lights to control traffic. There are lots more equipment like well secured house, personal drones, robots, etc.

Well, according to Wikipedia almost 20-40% of the world is connected with us. What about the remaining world which is about 60%? This question kills deeply inside. But Intel has got solution for that. By using 5G connections we can cover the remaining 60% of the world.

By connecting the remaining 60% of the world. Those people can gain access to unaware info   and this would be so important for educational purpose. By 2020 5G will cover the remaining 60% of the world’s population. ”Quoted b Evans”.

All the current network that are right will go away after the evolution of 5G. They will just update all the network to appropriate 5G network.

At last all I can say is Intel’s 5G is going to bring revolutionary change in our life.

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