How To Speed Up Your Computer

How To Speed Up Your Computer
How To Speed Up Your Computer

Alright everybody likes their PC to work super charm. But still all works slow. The reason behind this is we are careless. Come on we do. But nobody admit it. Anyways today I am going to write on how to make your PC faster in 10 ways. Now wasting no time. Have a look below.


Here are few tips on to get back its speed.

  1. Remove unwanted programs.
  2. Delete temporary files.
  3. Additional Storage.
  4. Update your software.
  5. Delete unwanted files.
  6. Remove gadgets you don’t use
  7. Run a Disk Cleanup.
  8. Run a Disk Defragment.
  9. Check for any disk errors
  10. Use anti Virus Software.


Remove unwanted programs:

Temporary files are as same as unused program. Just think…. when was the last time you used

Keynote or some other unusual programs. Just uninstall those programs. To do that Start > Control Panel > Programs and features and uninstall the unwanted programs.


Delete temporary files:

Just like unwanted software files, temporary files to take up huge space. These files are created as you browse the whole day. You have to delete every day before you shutting down your computer. I can’t say it’s a must do. But its good habit. To do this.

Press start button > Run and type %temp% then press enter. And select all files and delete all the files. And yes empty your recycle bin too.


Additional storage:

Just check if you are running out of space on hard disk. If it is above 85% then you PC is going to be real slow. If you download too many movies and songs it is better to have additional storage device.

Update your software:

You might be wondering why software update keep on coming. But there is a strong reason behind it. The update has so many new features and the update has the best optimization facility that makes your pc work faster. So guys update your PC everytime.


Delete files you don’t need:

Deletion of files like documents, songs. Doesn’t make your PC faster. But deleting of huge files like movies or some program. This solution might be very useful to speed up your PC. And yes last preference should be to empty your recycle bin.


Remove Gadgets you don’t use:

Remove gadget from your PC as this might be slowing down your computer.


Run a Disk Cleanup:

Disc clean up cleans the unwanted files in your hard disk. To do this click on My Computer and select the partition and right click on it. Then select properties. Select disk cleanup and clean up your disc.


Run a Disc Defragment:

This will reconfigure the way the hard drive stores information for maximum efficiency. Go to My Computer, right-click the Hard Drive and select Properties, then go to the Tools tab and click Defragment Now.


Check for Disc Errors:

Actually checking for disc errors is a good idea. Click on my computer right click on hard disc and select properties, then select tools click check now under the error checking area.


Use Anti-virus:

Using an anti virus makes your PC faster by saving you from viruses.


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