How to personalize Skype profile picture in MacOS?

Skype is a well known communication application software that gives user to live chat for audio – video call between the two PCs or computer, Mobile, tablet and also in smart watches with use of internet.

No Table Of Content – Skype For Mac OS
1. Introduction of Skype for Mac
2. How to Change Your Profile Picture in Skype


Skype For MacOS

If you are Mac user and want to personalizes your Skype profile picture here is the finest guide where you get all the necessary stuffs. so, let get started to personalizes your Skype profile image in Mac Operating System.

  1. You need to check your Mac meet the primary requirement.
  2. Next you need to download the Skype and Get Skype for Mac.
  3. Open the download folder and launch the Skype installer.
  4. Finally you need to install Skype on Mac.
  5. Go to your locate Skype app icon and then click on it.
  6. After then you need to log in to your Skype account.

Change your Profile Picture

After you can successfully log in or sign in your Skype account you need to follow bellow steps to personalize your Skype account.

  1. First of all you need to go your Skype profile on left hand side corner and then open it.
  2. After then you need to double click on your profile picture that brings you a you can edit your picture.
  3. Now you can see three option
    1. Recent – You can choose a photos or images where you save last time and used before.
    2. Camera – if you want to take picture on instant time with help of web-camera you can easily add image.
    3. Other – you can also choose your best picture from your local computer storage.
  4. After then you can finish your add profile picture and set the picture.

So overall, this are some important points that you need to follow before setup your Skype account and change or personalize your profile picture in Mac operating system.