How to personalize Skype profile picture in Android?

Skype is one of the finest application and does really well in live chat and generally professional and people do talk live in audio-video talk and one of the popular application in social media.

in a global technology now many people use the Android operating system and use Skype in their phones. most of the version of Android support for Skype.

No Table Of Content – Steps to install Skype in Android
1. Take Android Smartphone
2. Go to the Google Play store
3. Search for Skype Application
4. Install Skype in Android Device
5. Go to your Skype Account
6. Change your profile picture

How to set up your Skype account In Android

If you want to install Skype in your android device then you have to know the requirement of the supportive device first and then you can easily download the Skype.

so here are some steps that you should know if you want to install the Skype

  1. Open Google play store:- first, you have to open google play store.
  2. Go to the search option:- Go to the search option of your play store.
  3. Type Skype:- Write Skype in the search bar, choose the right application.
  4. Download or install Skype in your android device.
  5. Open Skype account now.
  6. After that, you have to login or sign in your account.
  7. Go to your profile picture and you can also show all the option in the profile.
  8. Click on the profile picture and you can easily click your photo from your front camera.
  9. You can also select images from your mobile gallery.

So overall it is an easy to install Skype from google play store and easily manage your profile picture.