Google’s next Android version features

Google's next Android version fetures


Okay you might have clicked on this link. So that you can know the features of upcoming android operating system which is android 7.0 and is termed as android N. Every year at the keynote of I/O Google announces its new operating system with it exciting new features. According to tweet below Google keynote I/O is on May 18. This means new android version will launched on this date.


“The Android N release date will be May 18, after the Google I/O 2016 keynote”.


Above tweet was tweeted by Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google. So you might be excited about the features of the latest Android N. The below features are rumored and some are expected for sure.


  1. Multi-window:

All Samsung device owner may be familiar with this feature named Multi-windows. So this feature will be in the next android version. And will be available for non-samsung user.


  1. Better Tablet Support:

A Reddit user named Glen Murphy has confessed that they are working on this feature. Which includes range of enhancements for the betterment of tablet support. This includes multi-tasking and even system UI tuner with much more functionality. It adds customizable nav buttons, DPI switcher, stock floating mini-apps and tablet-specific System UI Tuner features.

Open JDK from Java API’s:

As you might be knowing JDK is java developing kit

And Google is moving further towards Open JDK. This means that code will of oracles but this will be Open source as Google wants to make java libraries of android n to be open sour e so that developers can develops more conveniently.


Android N Name:

This sounds good question to ask. What is the name of the next android version . Sundar Pichai took this twitter and have a look at the tweet.

Sundar Pichai said he’d ask his mother or let fans vote for the official Android N name”.


Stock Stylus support:

Heading might have gave idea what this is about. All Samsung note devices has styles. Now in the next android version there will stock android stylus support. So guys no need to buy heavy notes for stylus. You will get a stylus in android N smartphone.


Chrome OS integration:

Here were many rumors regarding Google merging its chrome OS with android. Well this can be true. There were news that chrome OS was totally killed. But then Google spokesman told we are totally committed towards the chrome. This shows that chrome OS is living. At initial we can see few features of chrome OS in the next android version.


New Messaging App:

There were many rumors of the Google’s new messaging app. This might replace Hangouts and even SMS integration apps. Google going to use RCS (rich communication services). These services will not only be used of messaging it includes Video calling, files sharing, etc. But these are still rumors. We still can’t give you confirmation that this would be as default messaging app in the next version of Android.


Expected rumours of Androdi N:

  • Return of black theme
  • Improved smart lock for passwords
  • Moar Battery Optimization
  • Enhanced security and app stability.


These were the expected things in the upcoming version of Android.

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