Google release Official Google Podcast App for Podcast Listener – 1stOriginal

We know the podcast and how we can use it but recently Google releases the official Google Podcast app those who want to interest in Podcast. As of now Google podcast is available for in play store in various genres and differing language in only one application. Google podcast have a personalized recommendation and also comes with the synchronize option in different Google products with Google assistant also, this application also uses artificial intelligence, offers your request based listing option.

Secondly, google podcast helps many creators to reach out globally and a wider range of audience and encouraged to design and develop attractive and more features for the Google podcast and also available in many languages so many people can choose their native language for uses some application and they can understand well.

Here is some important point we listed for Google podcast.

  • Why Google podcast
  • What is Google podcast
  • Use of podcast
  • Features of google podcast
  • How its different from other podcasts

Why the need for Google podcast:-

In recent past year Google doesn’t deliver any aby application for podcast, when talking about Apple has an offered many various podcast application, meanwhile android users use Google play music which is not best far for best long way solution so good news for android user is now is Google have its own Google podcast app so many of million android user can use it for entertainment purposes.

What is Google Podcast:- A Google podcast or sometime known as netcast is an episodic step of digital audio or video files and user can download and listen to it whenever you like  and also available for subscription so everyone those who subscribe podcast all new songs and videos you can download it using web syndication with your computer, smartphone application or any portable media player. Google podcast has great features and controls, searching facilities and easy to flexible in podcast and user can listen to a podcast with your time and place. Compare with other podcasts Google podcast is far better than other.

Use of Podcast:-

  • The podcast industry is profitable
  • Around 5 cr. people listen to a podcast in every month
  • Not a large but small number of podcast users also creates a podcast
  • Not costly to create a podcast
  • The only requirement is devices like laptop, smartphone, and microphone.

Several categories that show the Google podcast application for example:- Entertainment, Music & Audio and countries like USA and Canada uses Google podcast more compare to other nation.

Features Google Podcast:-  Comparing to other podcasts Google podcast is faster and gives the finest performance.

  • Sound clarity is magnificent
  • Download any episode or video very easy
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Notification area that you can show recent episode or video-audio song
  • Search option working absolutely fine
  • Add playlist
  • Availability of podcast radio music

Difference between Google podcast and other podcasts:- Compare to other podcast application Google podcast is a better option for a music lover.

  • Better sound experience compare to other
  • Easily find and download the latest episode
  • It is free to download
  • You can skip the podcast and easily to using when faster playback
  • A user can find the podcast in Google search or Google Assistance
  • Listen to the same podcast in many other various devices
  • You can pause the podcast and whenever you want you can resume it with Google Assistance.

So, overall this product (Google Podcast) is effective and robust and it is flexible to use and a user can easily learn all the features and also operate it in short time period. Also, podcast accessibility is very high you can easily install or download it, sync and download and listen to video-audio file easily.