Google too Early Official Release Android N Developer Preview

Google too Early Official Release Android N Developer Preview
Google too Early Official Release Android N Developer Preview

Yehh, Google too early Android N Developer Preview for the Developer and also android fan who want to know the what kind of features for the Next Android Version. Google do research on the projects always today Google Release Android N Developer Preview too Early also they mention in their official blog this is the Too Early version of the Android N Developer Preview. Basic thinking of the Google for the Developer they can access the early preview and also they can submit directly to Google reports and changes for the updates.

Google always launching the Android version and Developer Preview in Google Big Official event Google I/O but this year Google think something for the Developer they can access the Developer Preview too early the Google I/O 2016 Event is on May 18-20 so this Android N Preview is too early.

Google worked for the Developer and release Android N Developer preview Some of best new Features we talk here what Google Next Plan to improve the features of the Android N.


  • Multi-Window

    • Android N the Best Feature is the Split Screen you can do work and also watch video in one Screen Mobile or Tablet. Also Split Screen in your Smart TV.
    • Split the Screen of our Mobile and also for split the TV screen in the picture-in-picture mode.
    •  If you want to Split the Android Mobile  or Tablet Screen the use code in Manifest File…
    • android:resizableActivity
    • For the TV they use Picture-in-Picture mode for TV use manifest file…
    • android:supportsPictureInPicture
    • Source Code for the Android Mulit-Window Screen  –


  • Directly Reply Notification | Bundled Notification

    • Google do easy work for the user. You can do directly reply of your notification you don’t have to move in full App. Google also implemented this feature in the Google Hangout you can see this feature right now update the Google Hangout. Android Wear have this feature Remote API and they Applied on the Mobile and Tablets.
    • Google GitHub Code helpful for Develope Android N Apps –


  • Efficiency

    • Google launched Doze mode in Marshmallow but not very well improved that’s the reason Google continued work on the Battery Optimization and do work for App do well JobScheduler. Restrict for the App which can not access background process.


  • Java – 8 Language support

    • Google release also support of the Java-8 [ Jack (Java Android Compiler Kit)] much more faster and also support all the Java – 8 Features which you are using into the Java development.


  • Multi-locale support, more languages

    • Apps can use more language using the new API from the Google Android N. it’s offers more than 25 variants commonly use language and also supports of the 100 new Languages


  • Android TV recording

    • You can save the Video record for the later see the Video. The New API for the TV apps which enabled user to Record Video and also they can save this recording.


Google Offer’s Developer Discount on Pixel-C  $150 


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