Google on 1st Most Valuable Company

Apple brand value down 27% and Google up24% as compare to world most brand company. Apple down since 2011 step by step releasing iPhone, Mac and other Apple Products. The Finance says Google’s GOOGL is +0.23% and increasing value to $109.5 billion last year, This is the 24% overall increase in Brand Value of Google. As compare to Apple AAPL it’s +0.39% Brand value fell from $145.9 billion in last year to $107.1 billion, according to the study. The Best valuable company in the world Google.

The News of it’s Google No.1 spot and apple fell on No.2 because of “Apple can’t maintain their technology as per user requirements need rapidly change in the technology write wrote in the study”. Apple mainly focus on new trends and technology but Apple Watch can’t get success too much and Apple had invested too much money on it.

Google No.1 spot, the Company have too many unchallenged core business, and google mainstay for it’s Advertising Income as we know for Web, Mobile as well as YouTube, YouTube Red. Brand Finance reports Google increase revenue that also Alphabet recently reported better than they expected in their quarter revenue. Google other earning from their Paid service which going on with good number of user’s as well as customised price for their product mostly business owner like. This is the service factor get best revenue to the Google and get No.1 spot in the world most valuable brand.

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