Features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow 2016


We know that Android popular mobile OS in world. Mostly all mobile companies is lunching android based mobile model. Last year google released android version 5.0 Lollipop. Lollipop came with many advance futures which improved android mobile OS. And Lollipop is become for auto, TV and wear based.

Finally, this year google announced new latest Android version in Google I/O is called Marshmallow. Marshmallow is android version number 6.0. Basically Marshmallow is one type of sweet which made by sugar, water and Gelatin whipped to a spongy consistency, molded into small cylindrical pieces and coated with corn starch.

Marshmallow comes with many advanced future’s like contextual assistance, battery, privacy and security, android run-time, productivity, system usability improvements, connectivity, expandable storage, device setup and migration, media, internationalization, android for work. These all future’s added in marshmallow (Android Version 6.0). We will discuss one by one Marshmallow futures.

Contextual Assistance :
Marshmallow Future - Google Now Tap
Marshmallow Future – Google Now Tap

In Marshmallow tap contextual assistance I s very powerful. Now on tap like Google Now. Do more with your voice with google now and other apps. Just touch home button and speck what you want? like you want to send SMS to peter then  just say message to peter, google now pick your voice and display right result which are you looking.  So in marshmallow tap contextual assistance is very strong and powerful compare to early versions.

Battery :
Marshmallow Future - Doze Mode Android 6.0
Marshmallow Future – Doze Mode Android 6.0

In marshmallow battery backup and battery life will increase. When your device is at rest, Doze automatically puts into a sleep state to increase your standby battery life.  App standby is saving battery life. No more battery drain from seldom used apps; App standby limits their impacts on battery life so your change lasts longer. In marshmallow USB type C support so charge your mobile within minutes. USB type C support is transfer power quickly so it’s best future of marshmallow.

Privacy and Security :     

Privacy and security is big issue today but Android marshmallow solve privacy and security issue. On Android Marshmallow device, apps designed for marshmallow only ask for permission right when it’s needed. You can deny permission and still you can use the app. One more future is added in marshmallow, you can turn on or off app permission. When you boot your phone then system will ask you about factory version. And you can also modified from factory version. Use fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone, make purchases in Google Play, authenticate transactions in apps, and pay in stores.

Android Runtime ( “ ART ” ) :  

Android Runtime is solving lower memory performance problem in android marshmallow. Improved application performances and lower memory overhead for faster multi-tasking.

Productivity :

In Marshmallow productivity is main future because user friendly is main focus in android marshmallow. Bluetooth stylus support, including pressure sensitivity and modifier keys. In marshmallow improved type setting and text rendering performances. Also build to undo / redo options. In marshmallow added new style of selection of text and added one more future in text selection is select text and translate text to another language right on the spot. But must be installed google translate app in your device.

System Usability Improvements :

In marshmallow added new future like easily toggle and configure Do Not Disturb from quick settings. Use automatic rules to enable Do Not Disturb for many custom time blocks as you like or around events on your calendar. You can easily modified and managed music, alarm volumes.


Connectivity :

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is more powerful and efficient in android marshmallow and scanning for nearby beacons and your accessories. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot now supported 5GHz frequency bands. You can make call from your Carphone using phone’s sim using Bluetooth SAP.


Expandable Storage :
Marshmallow Future - Expandable Storage
Marshmallow Future – Expandable Storage

  You can expand your external storage using SD card or external devices as encrypted expanded storage for your apps and big games.

Device Setup and Migration, Media :

In android marshmallow provided one best future is you can transfer data one devices to another devise easily, you transfer data, your accounts, app and much more. Auto backup and restore is one of the best future in marshmallow. As per our early future Do Not Disturb is amazing future in android marshmallow.

Media :

Android marshmallow is MIDI supported. Create, consume, and perform music using your android devices with USB MIDI devices.

Internationalization :

Android Marshmallow is introduced 74+ language like Gujarati, Urdu, etc.

Android for Work :

When receiving calls or viewing message, you can now see the full work contact details even if you’re not logged into your work profile. A status bar briefcase icon now appears when you’re using an app from the work profile and if the device is unlocked directly to an app in the work profile, an alert is displayed notifying the user. VPN apps are now visible in Setting à More à VPN. The notifications that VPNs use are now specific to whether that VPN is configured for a work profile or the entire devices.

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