Don’t miss this if you are at Gujarat…

Dont miss this of you are at Gujrarat

Human beings need food to live their life. If we travel  the whole world then we get so many dishes, according to their thoughts we may be served by them. If we travel to different place the dishes and their ingredients changes. Specially a country named India has so many states. And each state has its own special dishes. Well let’s cover today’s topic which says few dishes of Gujarat. So here are few dishes of Gujarat, which makes you drool.


Gujarati dishes are one of the oldest dishes of India which are considered as veggies dishes. It offers wide variety of dishes with unique cooking style for each dish. Actually this is what makes Gujarati dishes unique in India. And yes of course we can say that these dishes are rich in nutritional.

Khandvi, dont miss this if you are at gujarat
Khandvi, Don’t miss this if you are at Gujarat

This dish is actually loved by all Gujarati’s. It is served with green chilly and sour emiley chutney which makes a great combination of both khandvi and this chutney.

Gujarati Samosa:
Gujarati Samosa,dont miss this if you are at gujarat.
Gujarati samosa,Don’t miss this if you’re at Gujarat

Samosa is liked by everyone. I would guarantee you that there would be no in india who doesn’t like samosa. So in Gujarat samosa is served in different way. It is served with tea and chunky filling of peas sauted with sugar and lime juice as a side dish to touch .

Gujarati uundhyu:
Gujarati Uundhyu, dont miss this if you are at gujarat.
Gujarati Uundhyu, on’t miss this if you”re at gujarat.

Actually this is a vegetable curry which is served in special occasions like kite festivals in Gujarat. This Gujarati curry is actually real healthy because it consists of all green vegetables. It consists of brinjals, coconut, carrot, cauliflower, potatoes, etc.

Gujarati Kadhi:
Khadhi, dont miss this if you are at gujarat
Khadhi,Don’t miss this if you’re at gujarat

This curry is actually made with curd and by some extra stuff in that. If this dish is served hot, would be good. This is actually served only during winter. Because winters are chilled and this dish is hot. This is also known as heat healing dish during winters.

Dhokhla,Dont miss this if you are at gujarat
Dhokhla,Dont miss this if you are at gujarat

This dish is the only thing in Gujarat that we cannot miss. They are spongy and soft and are so yummy.  You just can t stop eating it. They are made from corn flour.

Methi Ka Thepla:
Methi ka thepla
Methi ka thepla

This dish will be similar in looking like chapathies. But by taste it differ’s a lot from a normal chapathi. This dish is made from wheat flour and methies and chillies,etc which makes great in taste.

Dal Dhokli:
Dal Dhokli
Dal Dhokli

It is similar to normal dal which is made in India at other place. But the stuff inside is a bit different. Its ingredients are wheat flour and split pigeon pea..


Atlast i would just suggest you Don’t miss this if you are at Gujarat.

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