CellRobot | Hundreds of Modular Robots in One

Once again today we will discuss about something new ideas or technology. we know that how world is growing everyday. many technology, innovation, ideas and evolution is changing the world, our lifestyle and other factors. so today we will discuss about something new innovation, idea, and much more. we will discuss about one robot. it’s was amazing concept and innovation. so let’s start !

CellRobot | Hundreds of Modular Robots in One
CellRobot | Hundreds of Modular Robots in One

Create custom and modular robots capable of anything directly that are designed and controlled directly from your smartphone

What is Cell Robot ?

Well, Cell Robot is a complete robotics kit that allows you to build your own robot and ideas. you can create your own dynamic robot that could change shape and adapt to its environment.

How it works ?

Getting started is easy with these main components
1. HEART : Each formation starts with a heart
The heart controls all of the robot’s operations and connects to your smart-phone or tablet through Bluetooth.

2. CELL : Cell create shape and movement
Modular cells are attached to the heart and each other from one of the eight joint connectors on their surfaces. these cells create your robot’s custom shape and design.

3. VISION : The eye if the operation
Give your robot eyes with addition of a vision. this wide angle lens camera sends pictures or video directly to your smartphone.

4. WHEEL : Wheels give your robot mobility
They attach with a single snap joint but have a spherical hinge providing three degrees of freedom. these wheels zoom up to 5in/s per second.

5. MOUNT : Fix your robot to any surface.
Adding a mount to your robot allows you to firmly secure to any surface.

CellRobot’s App

CellRobot's Mobile App
CellRobot’s Mobile App


CellRobot’s app has an extensive pre-uploaded shape library. you can control your robot using mobile app. it is very easy to use and easy to customize robot shape and design. the home screen, open the shape library and scroll through numerous builds. once, you select design then they guide you how to build robot and how its work.

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