Big TV 55″ Dual View Flat (Double Sided Display)

With technology moving further day by day. We get slimmest gadgets after its launch at a grand event named CES 2016. CES is otherwise known as Consumer Electronic Show. Every year this event is held at Las Vegas, Nevada in the 1st or 2nd week of the month January.

Now so many companies launch their technologies or gadgets at this event. But this year was full of TV sets and wearable’s and auto cars. Let’s speak a bit about TV’s. So many companies came at this event and launch so many TV’s. But one company is highlighting in top in TV is LG. Yes you heard it right its LG. LG launched its phones and even TV’s here at this event.

It has launched 4k TV’s and even major 98”tv which took LG to trend on twitter. But this is just a beginning. LG has got another TV which can be viewed both sides. Confused right?

Lemme clear it.

LG Dual Flat View
LG Dual Flat View


LG Dual Flat View
LG Dual Flat View

Here is the image.

Now you would get some idea how the TV look and how it works. It has double sided display. Which in turn looks beautiful in both sides. It has a FULL HD(high definition). LG thought of keeping FHD as Ultra HD is not necessary. As let viewers enjoy FHD  and later they would add UHD in their TV’s with dual display.


Actually i forgot to say the name of the TV. The name is the TV is LG 55”dual view flat. Obviously the TV looks superb and superb in color reproduction. And yes the size of the TV is 55”, which is bit low but yes its much useful for people fighting to watch TV but they got only one display to watch. People might be wondering what about sound. LG has got a solution for that add Bluetooth support and enjoy your entertainment.



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