Best Image Library for Android Developer

Android open source
Android open source

Android is an powerful platform for the Developer and also for the user perspective. We see that Android have not to much long journey in to the market but user of the Android it’s millions. Google give rich platform Android Studio to the developer to develop more and more scalable apps. Android also the open-source so, any developer can develop apps. Benefit of the Open Source Projects is anyone can contribute on the projects from anywhere in to the world. That’s reason Google Open Source Android also developer can build their own library and they share with world’s developer. So, Let’s go today i am going to share my development experience with you.

I am going to list out some of Image Library for the Developer to easy their Development Cycle.

No List of  Image Library for Android Developer
1 Fresco
2 Picasso
3 Glide

– Image loading faster for the apps. Image Pipeline load image from Network. This is the Library which announced into F8

Features of the Library Fresco.
Memory – Low Memory storage on your Devices
Streaming – Progressive JPEG image
Animation – Fresco takes care of loading and disposing of frames and managing their memory.
Drawing – Focus Point, Rounded Corner, Custom backgrounds, custom overlay for pressing Image.
Loading – Low Resolution Image first swap to high-resolution image, EXIF thumbnail for load fast, Decode WebP Images

Companies who using this Fresco Library for Image Loading
  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Moments
  • Facebook Pages Manager
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • React Native
  • Best Apps Market
  • Phonotto
  • ShareTheMeal
  • JokeEssay
Download Fresco Library from GitHub –

– A powerful image Downloading and Caching Library for Android.
Handling ImageView recycling and download cancelation in an adapter.
Complex Image Transformations with minimal memory use.
Automatic Memory and disk Caching.
Adapter Download

Download Picasso Library from GitHub –

– Glide is a fast and efficient open source media management and image loading framework
for Android that wraps media decoding, memory and disk caching, and resource pooling into a simple and easy to use interface.

Download Glide Library from GitHub –

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