Top Flutter App Development Companies in Ahmedabad

Top Flutter App Development Companies in Ahmedabad - Widle Studio

Google flutter mobile framework adopting fast in developer community. Google team also working on the flutter as a part of the next generation hybrid framework for developing the high ended application for the Android and iOS Platform. As flutter supported by dart the developer also able to develop the web app as well as the desktop app in the flutter the main reason for more adoption.

Our team had researched Flutter app development companies in Ahmedabad based on the services, team awareness in the flutter, community contribution in the flutter.

  • Yudiz
  • Widle
  • Peerbits
  • Nimblechapps
  • Let’s Nurture


Yudiz have a specialization in Game and Mobile app development.

– iPhone Application Development
– Android Application Development
– Game Development
– Web Development
– MEAN Stack Development
– Design
– Branding


Widle was founded with a sole purpose to provide exceptional Mobile App Development, Flutter App Development, SmartWatch App Development, TV App Development, Website Development, UI/UX and Brand Reputation that comply with the high standards required to be the best.

– Branding
– UI/UX Design
– Mobile App Development
Flutter App Development
Android TV App Development
– Website Development
– Online Brand Presense (Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad)


Peerbits is a global, web and app development company, with proven expertise in delivering customized mobility solution for over five years.

– Mobile App
– Web Development
– Full Stack Development


Nimblechapps we make great Mobile app and Web applications that leverage full capabilities that each platform has to offer.

Mobile App Development
– Website Development
– Graphic Design

Let’s Nurture

Let’s Nurture nurture businesses and foster them with unparalleled solutions leveraging technologies like custom mobile app development, website design and development, IoT solutions and much more.

– IoT App Development
– Managed Services
– Staff Augmentation
Mobile App Development
– Digital Marketing

We really hope that this list of ‘Flutter App Development Companies in Ahmedabad‘ will be very useful in your search for a trusted as well as reliable Flutter App Development for your upcoming big projects.

And in case you have any further doubts or queries regarding any of the flutter app development companies mentioned in the list, then feel free to ‘Contact Us’ and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Interesting facts on Thailand

Thailand Basic Information

Thailand also is known as a kingdom of Thailand previously known as Siam, located in the center of Southeast Asian  Indochinese peninsula composed around 76 provinces with 1,98,120 sq mi with over 6cr people live in Thailand, Thailand is world 50th largest country by Area while 21st most populous country, the capital of Thailand is world famous Bangkok and also a special administrative area.

Added to that Thailand border connected with the country to the north Myanmar and Laos, to the east region by Laos and Cambodia, to the south by the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia while in the west connected to Andaman sea.

The official language of Thailand is Thai, while other languages also people can speak e.g Isan, Kam Mueang, and Pak Tai.

Interesting Facts On Thailand

  1. Thailand is the only country in Asia was never capture by any European country, in the Thai language name of the country is Prathet Thai means “land of free”.
  2. In Thailand, you can find both of the small and large creatures, the small one is bumblebee bat known as a Thailand home while large fish is Whale shark, in Thai waters.
  3. Around one-tenth of people live in Bangkok the largest city of Thailand as well as capital.
  4. Over 30,000 temple in Thailand called a land of temples, people visit temples with wearing modest clothing means no shorts or sleeveless shirts.

Walmart use Blockchain to Track Leafy Greens

Walmart use Blockchain to Track Leafy Greens -

In a few years, big companies implementing and researching the new tech ear BLOCKCHAIN. They moved their current solution and service can be very well managed through the BLOCKCHAIN decentralized technology and they can cover more benefits from the tech. Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft and other very well formed company with proven business model currently implementing and researching on the blockchain. Blockchain can be a transformation for the new Tech Era in around 2020 to 2022 with almost all the service and product runs on blockchain decentralized world. Blockchain implementation in the industry like shopping, governance, smart city solutions, smart technology support with the blockchain, FinTech, AgriTech, Supply Chain and many more industries implementing the Blockchain as a Service and Products.

Walmart has announced in their blog post that they are going to implementing the blockchain for tracking the Leafy Greens. Leafy greens asking them to trace their products all the way back to the farm using blockchain technology. Suppliers are expected to have all these systems in place by this time next year.

In the Walmart, blog while health officials at the Centers for Disease Control told Americans have already warned citizens to avoid eating lettuce grown in Yuma, Arizona, it’s near impossible for consumers to know where their greens are coming from.

On one hand, this could be a great system for reducing waste. Earlier this year, greengrocers had to throw away produce thought to be infected with E. Coli.

The announcement states, “Health officials at the Centers for Disease Control told Americans to avoid eating lettuce that was grown in Yuma, Arizona”

However, it’s near impossible for consumers to know where their lettuce was grown.

It would seem that most producers and suppliers still rely on paper-based ledgers. As a result, tracking down vital information about where a product came from can be very time to consume.

Hopefully, the greater transparency will also make farms take further health and safety precautions. Now that any indiscretions can be quickly traced directly back to them.

Ten interesting facts on Japan that you should know

Ten interesting facts on Japan

Japan is one of the most dynamic countries in the world, also known as a Nippon or Nihon is an island country in East Asia located in the Pacific Ocean.

Interesting Facts On Japan

Here we know some interesting facts on Japan for your knowledge.

  1. More senior citizen compares to youth population:- Its a sad information about Japan that there is childbirth rate ratio is very less and that’s why in recent past year elders are more in comparison to adult population.
  2. More than 1500 Earthquake occur in Japan in every year:- compare to other country Japan is one of the beautiful countries but unfortunately in the single year in Japan suffer from around 1500 Earthquake so that’s not good sing for japans people in future prospects.
  3. Baseball is one of the most popular game in Japan:- Baseball is much popular in Japan compared to other Asian countries normally in Japan sumo is like a national game of Japan but Baseball is the most loved game in Japan now.
  4. Suicide rates are much higher:- Japan has one of the wealthiest countries in the world and have colorful culture, and people also are highly disciplined and professional and many successful people live in Japan but unfortunately 30,000 Japanese suicide in every year so overall, 24 people died out of 1,00,000 Japanese by self. and the dark side is that younger age of people suicide every year.
  5. the reason behind the suicide is those job problems and the fresh graduate, some of the financial problems also
  6. Not New York, Mumbai and any city of the world, Japan’s Tokyo is one of the biggest city in the world.
  7. Japanese people normally eat breakfast or dinner from the store or supermarket.
  8. In Japan, you have to bow instead of shaking hands:- normally people shake hand while meeting with international guest and business person but Japanese people always want to polite and welcome to their guests with japan own culture, but if you want to show the same politeness and best culture awareness you have to bow instead of shaking hands.
  9. Japan’s people like McDonald that why around 3000 McDonald available in Japan.
  10. Fruit is one of the best gift take-ups and receives by japans people to each other because the fruit is expensive compared to other countries.

There are many other interesting facts on Japan because Japan is one of the best countries for technology term of view, working style of people and how the smartly live in Japan and eat around 17 million ton fish in each year that was socking interesting facts, capsule hotel you can show in very cities of Japan.

Know Everything About Android TV And WebOS.

What is Android TV and WebOS

You may know about Android TV and also if you mostly connected with the Internet then you also know about the WebOS. But just let me tell you small intro of both Android TV and WebOS. Android is the open source platform as we know anyone can develop and integrate on their own hardware Android TV is like that all popular manufacturer of TV integrate an Android OS on their TV Hardware is known as Android TV. WebOS is also a Platform which provides the manufacturer to integrate.

No Table Of Content
1. Introduction of AndroidTV
2. History of Android TV
3. What is Android TV
4. Introduction of WebOS
5. What is Web-OS

Introduction of Android TV

Android TV was first declared publicly at Google i/o in June 2014 as an inheritor to the commercially and not successful of Google TV. close to the Android system and focusing on supporting video games on the platform with supporting of video games on the help of Bluetooth gamepads and Google play Games framework. Google publishes the first Android TV devices, the nexus player develop by Asus in the hardware event in October 2014.

What is Android TV

Android TV is one of the Android operating systems specially designed for digital media players. the platform was firstly released in June 2014, with using Nexus player launch device publish in October. this platform also takes up as smart TV middle-ware by various companies, for example, Sharp, Sony, and VU TVs. the main aim for introduces Android TV is that user interfaces design and searching for the voice. different media apps and services and connect with Google technology such as Cast, Knowledge of graph, Assistant.

Features of Android TV

Android TV platform is generally is an adaptation of the Android OS for set-top boxes with combine integrates software on Smart TV hardware

  • Curated content on the top row
  • Universal search with the use of top apps
  • Voice search for using remote
  • Native Google Cast support
  • Play game with the use of Google play store
  • Support for Google assistance

Android TV Apps

  • Hopewatch for Reddit
  • Google Chrome
  • Haystack
  • Kodi
  • Tunnelbear
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • VLC
  • Google Drive
  • Plex and many more other apps that support in Android TV.

Introduction of Webos

WebOS known as Open webOS, HP webOS, Palm webOS is based on Linux multitasking Operating System for smart devices like TV’s, Smartwatches, and for the Mobile Operating System.  LG purchased webOS in February 2013 and modified it for the TV Operating System and also they used in their other smart Appliances.

Today webOS is capable of storing big amounts of data as large as 50GB with a good user-friendly interface. One can be sharing Files, Listening Music, reading news paper’s and you can do many stuff’s. webOS mobile platform introduced some innovative features like CARD interface that still in use by Apple, Google and Microsoft on their Mobile Operating System iOS, Android and Windows Platform also.

What is WebOS

WebOS is known as LG webOS and last time was known as Open webOS, Palm webOS and HP webOS Linux kernel-based multitasking O.S for smart devices e.g. smart Tv and also use as a mobile operating system.

in 2009 January Palm launches WebOS then known as a Palm WebOS. in between 2010-2013 acquire by HP and develop the WebOS platform for uses in tablets, smartphones, printers. LG expand various devices as a starting point, LG showcased an LG Wearable Platform OS(WebOS) smartwatch in early 2015. On March 19 LG offers open source edition of WebOS so the developer can download the source code for free and uses it very well.

Features of WebOS

    • Air update
    • Open source
    • Gesture interface
    • Multitasking interface
  • Services discovery

Software Development

WebOS TV v4.0.0 support webOS TV 4.0 is released the new component manager are provided for managing webOS SDK. Webos TV.js library provides a set of APIs for an app to use in webOS TV 4.0, allows you to access tv feature and different functionality for WebOS TV.

Webos is much common in mainstream Linux version 1.0 to 2.1, in 2011 Enyo replaced Mojo, released in june 2009 as an SDK. Envy is an open source javascript framework for cross-platform mobile, desktop and TV later acquired by HP.

SDK -: NetCast SDK v3.0.1 and Netcash SDK v2.4.0

LG WebOS App list-:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Youtube
  • Hulu Plus

So here are some well important information on Android TV and WebOS. Android TV is like that all the popular manufacturer of TV integrate an Android OS on their TV Hardware is known as Android TV. WebOS is also a Platform which provides the manufacturer to integrate.

How to upload 360 video on YouTube

In new technology of world, 360 – degree video also known as immersive or some time spherical videos, so basically recording a video where record every view of direction in same time sue of cameras and omnidirectional cameras while in playback normal flat display and the viewer has control of the viewing the direction look like panorama.sometime its also play on display arrange in a cylinder.

No Table of Content – Steps to Upload 360 video to Youtube
1. What is 360 degree Video
2. Points to upload the video to youtube

What is 360 Degree Video

360 degree video is basically a video that capturing all the 360 degree of environment that you recording. if you want to create 360 video then your camera have to be recording of 360 video,but now many smartphone capable off it that easy to use. and find some higher – end 360 camera. when 360 videos are appear on the computer or laptops, user or viewer can view all the direction of video from left to right and top to bottom.

in IOS and many android mobile, viewer can move their phone to change in few direction and uses of google cardboard to use their smartphone as like virtual glass and youtube also have capabilities to upload 360 easily and watch it.

Steps to upload Video to Youtube

Youtube is capable of uploading video and playback of 360 degree video in your computer and laptops with firefox, MS Edge, Opera browser, Chrome, perhaps first you need to update your file with an application while upload.

Here are some steps to follow if  you want to upload the video to youtube.

  • Create a video:- now a days, many 360 degree camera available for support and upload in youtube, now in youtube supports 24,25,30,48,50 or 60 frames per second.normally people upload 360 video format with 2:1 ratio with resolution of 7168×3584 or bove and upto 8192×4096. user can also create 360 video with use of custome camera rigs and third party stitching software e.g. kolor autopano.

Some points to remember

  • Ready to upload 360 video:- 
  1. Download the metadata app for Windows and Mac
  2. Un-zip the file and after that open the 360 video metadata app, if you are on a Mac you have to go the app and right click the app and open it
  3. whichever video you want to upload select that video file.
  4. select the checkbox for spherical and than save it
  5. edit your filename or enter your filename
  6. save the file so you can show the new file in the location of original file
  7. upload the new file to youtube
  8. it will take some time to upload it up-to 60 Minuit. to generate 360 effects.

before publish it you have to verify and know that is that working file on your computer or PC and it will take upto an hour for 360 playback.

Before publishing, you can verify that the file has 360° playback enabled by watching the video on your computer. It may take up to an hour for 360° playback to be available.

What is ASO ? How Optimise App through App Store Optimization

What is ASO? how to optimise app through ASO

ASO (App store optimizaton) is a process to improve the ranking of mobile application in major app store e.g google play store, ios store, windows store. just like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for websites ASO is for improve the mobile application ranking.

No Table of Content What is ASO
1. Why Need of ASO
2. Important of ASO
3. How to optimise ASO

Why ASO Need

generally, In ASO  the process of ranking better to best in major app store search results and best charts rankings and also focuses on  increase the installation of application in daily basis.

Without ASO its difficult to get high position in mobile app store. ASO plays a major role in discover mobile application in major application store. in today’s competitive world, must have do better to best work in ASO field for mobile application specially.

Why need ASO, here are some points that you should know.

  • Large number of people uses mobile phones for differ services
  • Top popular application users want to prefer to install or download first
  • Design/logo of application also play vital part while users download it
  • Without proper description users cant know more about details of application
  • No attractive title or without proper length
  • Not eye catch screenshot added
  • Earning app features and positive review for users ASO should do must.

Important of ASO

ASO is most important aspects for users to search those specific application thats why ASO should do well and some researches also says that above 60% of users want to browse app to discover news apps. in technology world there are many ways to explore the application and find new application with websites, communication, various media, advertisement attachments. so ASO also plays a major role for app developer.

Here are some important of ASO

  • Get better to best app search result
  • Best way to increase app ranking using finest category and sub-category.
  • Suggest attractive and suitable icon & logo-screenshot that will also give fine results
  • Aso also help to increases the search appearing
  • Get more app store traffic
  • More download that will improve result of rank

How to optimise app through ASO

Many app developer wants to promote and marketing an app, so there are many of the affects the result so developer also need to do some work on it so depends on your application categories so users can easily find it on app store.

While perform ASO, developer should visit once competitor and know how that app work and perform and then do work on application name, icon, screenshot, logo and application description.

Here are some points that developer should know

No Points – How To Optimise ASO
1. Application Name
2. Application Description
3. Logo – Screenshot
4. Application Category
5. Review -Ratings
6. Uses of  Proper Keywords
7. Update of Application

Application Name (Title)

Developer can do edit name and that its a easy to add name, but developer should put proper title with effective keyword and insert app best name with proper features and function. so title must be well plan with subtitle.

Application Description

Do Research on keyword and put it into app store that your application target audience and user can easily find the application in easy manner, so add quality base description in app details with proper information.

Icon logo – Screenshot

Customer first search the app with quality base keyword in app store and then users can focuses on title and subtitle of application and then he/she focuses on application icon and app screenshot. so add proper icon and screenshot in your application, and developer should design do well of icon or screenshot. so get more traffic and installation.

Category of application

you have to know that in which category of application you work so some of few category is popular among in the technology world now so choose right category that related of application.

Review and ratings

Huge number of users download the application because of its positive review and maximum rating, if application get negative review then users cant download your application. so nice and best review that gain your application popularity next level.

Use proper keywords

Always do research on keywords, keywords is the main part of any application, so without use of proper keyword you cant reach your audience perfectly.

Update the application

Now a days many application regularly submit in different play store, so in certain time period developer should update the application so users can know the latest updates in application and in technology. so in after few of days developer update the application so people can use your best features.

So overall this are some valuable points that everyone(Developer) should know about that how to improve the ranking in search engine (App Store) so users can easily search it and download that application.

About Jhulan Goswami Indian Women Cricket Player

About Indian Women Cricketer Jhulan Goswami

Jhulan Nishit Goswani is one of the great all rounder cricketer and also former captain of Indian women’s cricket cricket august 2018, Jhulan announces her last t-20 match.

No Table Content:- About Jhulan Goswami
1. About Jhulan Goswami
2. Cricket Performance
3. Records

About Jhulan Goswami

Full Name:- Jhulan Nishit Goswami

Born place:- Nadia, West Bengal

Date of Birth:- 25th November 1982

Team:- Indian women cricket team, Bengal women, Asia women, East zone

Major role:- Bowling(Bowler)

Batting :- Right handed basman

Bowling:- Right-hand  medium

Nick name:- Babul

Cricket Performance

In childhood she is Passionate About cricket and took training in kolkata and then she entered in Bengal cricket team and debut against England at age of 19 in Chennai for  ODI cricket while test first match against England on 14th January 2002 in Lucknow and T-2o debut was in 2006 Derby.

In 2008, she took over captains from Mithal Raj and held till 2011 and in 2008 she also became the fourth women to reach 100 wicket in ODI in Asia Cup and she lead india in 25 ODIs and in 2010 she awarded the Arjun Award and in 2012 she became second indian women criketer to recieve Padma Shri after Diana Edulji.

she has 40 test wickets in her 10 matches overall she has 271 international wickets in 223 match nd scored around 1500+ runs with three 50s.  on 7th february 2018 Jhulan became the first women cricketer to go 200 wicket hauls. in ODI she has 995 runs in 166 matches in 2011 where india failed to won bit she took six wickets for 31 against New Zealand, she also has 50 wickets in sixty T-20 match. in 2017 indian cricket team reach in final but lost agains England by just nine runs.

in 2018 September 2018, against Sri Lanka she took her 300th wicket in international cricket.

Award – Honors and Titles

In, 2007 – ICC women’s cricketer of the year

Captain – indian women cricket team (2008-2011)

2010 – Arjuna Award

2012 – Padma Shri

Fast Bowler

Leading international wicket taker

Coach Career – Jhulan also appointed as bowling consultant for national women team and playing as a player coach.


Match Play Score – Batting Wickets top score 5 wickets in innings
ODI-  171  4473 207 57 2
Twenty- 68  1229 50 37* 1
Test- 10 665 56 69 3

Overall, Jhulan is one of the great bowler of all time and play wonderful cricket in her career.

About Lauren Ebsary Australian Women Cricket Player

Lauren Kaye Ebsary is an Australian women cricketer and specialist in batsman and also a former member of Australian national women’s cricket team.

No Table Content:- About Lauren Ebsary
1. About Lauren Ebsary
2. Cricket Performance
3. Records

About Lauren Ebsary Australian Women Cricket Player

Lauren Ebsary is one of the fine women cricketer  born in Australia and play for state level, as well as national level

Name:– Lauren Kaye Ebsary

Born Place:- March 15, 1983 Snow-town, South Australia

Team:- Perth Scorchers, South Australian Women team, Western Australian Women team, Adelaide strikers women team.

Batting Style:- Right hand bat

Bowling style:- Right handed

About Lauren Ebsary Australian Women Cricket Player

Cricket Performance

Ebsary made her senior debut for south Australia in the women’s national cricket league in 2001 season at age of 18, but she score only 136 runs in whole series and took 13 wickets in 24 matches. in 2004 -2005 she score above 100 runs in a season in  very first time and then she made around 150 runs at average of 29.80. in 2007 she struggle again and scored only 101 runs with low 14.42 and took only 3 wickets and then she transferred to western Australia and after then she score 236 runs and took 8 wickets that her best performance.

Added to that in the beginning of 2008-2009 season Ebsary entered in national team and debut against Indian Rose Bowl series she score 86 runs against New Zealand after that she selected for 2009 world cup and made around 106 runs with 35.33. in July 2009, she played almost all matches in t-20 world cup. furthermore more Ebsary made 211 runs in WNCL season in 2009-10 and also entry in national team again for Rose Bowl series.

Test Career:-  

In end of t-20 world cup in June 2009, Ebsary retain back in England for a bilateral series against the England.and that time England was champions in ODI, as well in T-20. she made 24 not out and won by 34 run and in ODI she play all matches and score 112 with 22.40 average.

Ebsary play first test match against England at County Road in Worcestershire and she score only 3 run while took 2 wickets and in second innings she made only 21 run and Australia set 273 to won but that match was drawn and her last match against New Zealand on February 17, 2010.


Match Play Score – Batting Wickets top score
ODI- 19 402 3 86
Twenty- 14 113 24*
Test- 1 24 2 21

After that Ebsary played domestic cricket for south Australia women team from October 2010 to 2015 and she again played in new Zealand for one – day cricket match for domestic team Wellington women’s team in 2013-2014 after that she played in  big bash league in 2015-2016 season for Adelaide Women’s team in Australia.

About Nicola Carey Australian Women Cricket Player

About Nicola Carey Australian Women Cricket Player

Nicola Jane Carey is one of the emerging women cricketer, and play for Big Bash tournaments and Sydney Thunder. Carey was also a member of victorious southern stars team that won in ICC world T-20 in 2012 in Sri Lanka and also part in ICC world t-20 in 2012 and also in 2016.


No Table Content:- About Nicola Jane Carey
1. About Alex Blackwell
2. Cricket Performance
3. Records


About Nicola Carey Australian Women Cricket Player

Nicola Carey full name is Nicola Jane Carey and one of the younger woman cricketer play for Woman Big Bash tournaments and Sydney Thunders. Carey is also one of the member of southern stars squad that won 2012 ICC t-20 in Sri Lanka and also a part of ICC world T-20 in 2016 and also in 2016.

Full Name:– Nicola Jane Carey

Born Place:– September 10, 1993, Sydney New South Wales

Play For:-  New South Wales U-15, Australian Women Team, New South Wales

Batting:- Left-hand batsman

Bowling:- Right-arm

About Nicola Carey Australian Women Cricket Player
Domestic Career:-  
Year Domestic Team
2010 New South Wales
2015 Sydney Thunders


Cricket Career Performance

in international cricket, she made her debut for Australia Women against Indian Women in 12th March 2018 and also she plays well and bowled well but not require for bat while talking about women T-20 international cricket debut against England on March 23, 2018, in 2017-18 in India for tri-series.

Added to that in 2018, she was one of the fourteen players to be awarded for the national contract in 2018-19 by Austrian cricket



Match Play Score – Batting Wickets
ODI- 3 33 2
Twenty- 67 335 40


Overall Nicola Carey is one of the finest Australian women cricketer and plays for the state level as well as international level for her country and club or state.