Know Everything About Android TV And WebOS.

You may know about Android TV and also if you mostly connected with the Internet then you also know about the WebOS. But just let me tell you small intro of both Android TV and WebOS. Android is the open source platform as we know anyone can develop and integrate on their own hardware Android TV is like that all popular manufacturer of TV integrate an Android OS on their TV Hardware is known as Android TV. WebOS is also a Platform which provides the manufacturer to integrate.

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1. Introduction of AndroidTV
2. History of Android TV
3. What is Android TV
4. Introduction of WebOS
5. What is Web-OS

Introduction of Android TV

Android TV was first declared publicly at Google i/o in June 2014 as an inheritor to the commercially and not successful of Google TV. close to the Android system and focusing on supporting video games on the platform with supporting of video games on the help of Bluetooth gamepads and Google play Games framework. Google publishes the first Android TV devices, the nexus player develop by Asus in the hardware event in October 2014.

What is Android TV

Android TV is one of the Android operating systems specially designed for digital media players. the platform was firstly released in June 2014, with using Nexus player launch device publish in October. this platform also takes up as smart TV middle-ware by various companies, for example, Sharp, Sony, and VU TVs. the main aim for introduces Android TV is that user interfaces design and searching for the voice. different media apps and services and connect with Google technology such as Cast, Knowledge of graph, Assistant.

Features of Android TV

Android TV platform is generally is an adaptation of the Android OS for set-top boxes with combine integrates software on Smart TV hardware

  • Curated content on the top row
  • Universal search with the use of top apps
  • Voice search for using remote
  • Native Google Cast support
  • Play game with the use of Google play store
  • Support for Google assistance

Android TV Apps

  • Hopewatch for Reddit
  • Google Chrome
  • Haystack
  • Kodi
  • Tunnelbear
  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • VLC
  • Google Drive
  • Plex and many more other apps that support in Android TV.

Introduction of Webos

WebOS known as Open webOS, HP webOS, Palm webOS is based on Linux multitasking Operating System for smart devices like TV’s, Smartwatches, and for the Mobile Operating System.  LG purchased webOS in February 2013 and modified it for the TV Operating System and also they used in their other smart Appliances.

Today webOS is capable of storing big amounts of data as large as 50GB with a good user-friendly interface. One can be sharing Files, Listening Music, reading news paper’s and you can do many stuff’s. webOS mobile platform introduced some innovative features like CARD interface that still in use by Apple, Google and Microsoft on their Mobile Operating System iOS, Android and Windows Platform also.

What is WebOS

WebOS is known as LG webOS and last time was known as Open webOS, Palm webOS and HP webOS Linux kernel-based multitasking O.S for smart devices e.g. smart Tv and also use as a mobile operating system.

in 2009 January Palm launches WebOS then known as a Palm WebOS. in between 2010-2013 acquire by HP and develop the WebOS platform for uses in tablets, smartphones, printers. LG expand various devices as a starting point, LG showcased an LG Wearable Platform OS(WebOS) smartwatch in early 2015. On March 19 LG offers open source edition of WebOS so the developer can download the source code for free and uses it very well.

Features of WebOS

    • Air update
    • Open source
    • Gesture interface
    • Multitasking interface
  • Services discovery

Software Development

WebOS TV v4.0.0 support webOS TV 4.0 is released the new component manager are provided for managing webOS SDK. Webos TV.js library provides a set of APIs for an app to use in webOS TV 4.0, allows you to access tv feature and different functionality for WebOS TV.

Webos is much common in mainstream Linux version 1.0 to 2.1, in 2011 Enyo replaced Mojo, released in june 2009 as an SDK. Envy is an open source javascript framework for cross-platform mobile, desktop and TV later acquired by HP.

SDK -: NetCast SDK v3.0.1 and Netcash SDK v2.4.0

LG WebOS App list-:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Youtube
  • Hulu Plus

So here are some well important information on Android TV and WebOS. Android TV is like that all the popular manufacturer of TV integrate an Android OS on their TV Hardware is known as Android TV. WebOS is also a Platform which provides the manufacturer to integrate.

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