A new approach to the Internet of Things 2016


What Google CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai says for Project Brillo ?

This is how Mr. Sundar Pichai describes Project Brillo, Google’s new platform for connecting everyday  products to the internet. While Nest Labs is focused on the smart home, Brillo is intended to create a smart world.

A new approach to the Internet of Things 2016
A new approach to the Internet of Things 2016

“ Just Imagine a farmer managing an entire farm from a smartphone’s, the security Cameras, the Sensors,  the irrigation equipment, all of them can be connected so that they work better together,”

Explained Pichai at Google I/O 2015. Brillo is intended to be operating system that underpins them all. Brillo is “derived” from Android but “polished” to just the lower levels. It supports Wi-Fi and low-energy Bluetooth.

Pichai  also announced Weave, a cross-platform language that will help Brillo devices, the internet and  phones to work together. Android lovers with long memories will remember this not Google’s first attempt to unify the Internet of Things.

Android – Home was announced at Google I/O 2011, but was never heard from again. However, there is more demand for it now, as the success of Nest Labs proves. But don’t expect to buy any Brillo products any time soon. In the here and now, for the Developer Google take response from them and give them resources for do something new in the World. They Provides Hardware’s for the Brillo.

End of the my knowledge I just put links for further helps to you.

Google Project Brillo – https://developers.google.com/brillo/

Google Project Weave – https://developers.google.com/weave/


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