8 Myths of Indian Community

Today, we discuss about some of indian community in myths or you can say some of our thinking about life. Yes, we are never do which our community not allows to do like can’t cut nails at Night and all. But you maybe don’t know reason about that all things. You accepted because your family or community says.

Don’t worry; I will let you know why people can’t do some things in night or in other situation.

8 Myths of Indian Community
8 Myths of Indian Community

1) Why You Can’t Cut Nails At Night?

  • There was no Electricity during the of our Ancestors. On could hurt himself while cutting nails at Night.

2) Why a Person has To Take Bath after Funeral?

  • Just to prevent infection from the dead body. A human body is not safe after death.

3) Why you are allowed to sweep the floor at Night ?

  • Our Generation says it call for bad luck which is somehow correct as sweeping at night under dark light can sweep some important items too.

4) Why People Use Lemon and Chilies to save from “Buri Nazar” ?

  • Lemon and Chili are both rich in different nutrients which helps your body in protecting from Diseases.

5) Why Girls are not allowed to Enter Kitchen and Temples during PERIODS?

  • To give rest to them as they feel discomfort during menstruation. Also, there were no sanitary napkins available during our ancestor’s time when these rules were made.

6) Why A Person Can’t Cook During a Death day in Family?

  • This ritual was created to give family time and rest. As deaths make people go sad and depressed. In such condition a person never wants to do such things.

7) Why you not allowed to Wash Hairs on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

  • Ancestors Always Knew The Value of Water.

8) Why you are Not allowed To Move Out During Solar Eclipse?

  • It can cause retinal burns or “Eclipse blindness”

And Yes Share What you Think about Your Life myth in above Points.

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