2016 Wearable’s Prediction

How’s Your New Year i hop last year you had lots of joy with the the World and also the New Technologies.In year 2015 is for the VR Gadgets and Wearable’s So, Today i am going to share some of 2016 Wearable’s Prediction.


1. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Virtual Reality

Year of 2015 is the changing year in Virtual Reality Gadgets into the Market. Yes, the Gadgets by Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are most popular in the Markets. In year 2016 they also Launching some new Features with same prices into the Markets. Some of the Features i am going to write here about the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

  • Oculus Rift
    • Best Gaming Experienced in 2D and 3D
    • USB, HDMI Cable Supports
    • Positional Tracker
    • Screen Verity
    • Audio : Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF)
    • XBox Integration
    • Oculus Touch
      oculus rift wearable
      Oculus Rift wearable


  • HTC Vive
    • Launching April 2016.
    • Resolution 1080 x 1200px.
    • Split into 2Eyes 90hz Refresh Rate.
    • Any Headphone You can plug in it.
    • Gyrosensor, Accelerometer, and Laser Position sensor combine to precisely track the rotation of your head.
    • Custom Game Controller.
    • Price around $500.
      HTC Vive Wearable
      HTC Vive Wearable


2. Xiaomi

In year of 2015 Xiaomi launches their Hand – Band as compare to the Fitbit. Xiaomi may be launching their future with Wearable in new Watches we can see in Middle 2016. Also they have good reputation in to the Asia Markets. Xiaomi sale’s their Mobile Phone in Asia Markets with Cheap Prices so we can assume that newer Smart Watches may be into the Budget of people as compare to Apple, Google Smart Watches.

Xiaomi MI Band
Xiaomi MI Band

3. Fitbit Wearable’s

We know Fitbit as Fitness Band. Yes, in the year of 2015 Fitbit world wide market for the do work for the Fitness Gadgets Makers. Fitbit have own lots of Devices for Health and Fitness. They are Categorized their products as Every-Day Fitness, Active Fitness, Performance Fitness, Wifi Smart Scale.

Fitbit World
Fitbit World

4. Wearable’s Payments

2016 almost their you do not have to take care of the money with you just have smart card that done all your work. Long time we use smart card’s but this time we do not have to scratch card to machine but just use of NFC this is Done. just look out this Video from the MasterCard.

5. Apple Watch

Apple Watch 2015 Design with Very Good Quality in Wearable’s. Apple launches watch’s with too much functionality in wearable’s. That’s the reason people love to buy apple expensive products. In 2016 Apple working hard in wearable and launching their products with watchOS-2.

Apple Watches
Apple Watches

6. Medical with Tech Wearable’s

All of above wearable’s is for the personal uses but in the Medical Sector also accepted and use of the Wearable’s. With the Technology we can cover most of health test seating at our home.

7. Adidas Wearable’s

Sports big company Adidas also in the market of Wearable’s. They embed in to the Sports Cloth’s, Shoes and much more things for the sports person’s. And also they are deal with other company for give extra in wearable’s sports this year.

Adidas Wearable's
Adidas Wearable’s

So that’s is some of my prediction for the year of 2016 and yes if you want to add more in this article then welcome we are happy to hear you and your valuable Ideas. Thanks for your Time.

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