2016 TVs with 8k Resolution

TV, this is basic thing everybody needs in their life. In short we can say without TV there is no entertainment. Strange fact, but true. If we want to watch high quality movies with high quality resolution then you might be needing HQ Television. There are loads of TV’s available in the market, depending on the price the quality you get. Let me explain a bit about how many resolutions are available in 2016 TVs with 8k Resolution.


List of Resolutions
List of Resolutions | Photo : @Wikipedia

The above picture explains it better than me, which i took from Wikipedia. Till now only two brands have launched 8k TV’s. They are LG and SAMSUNG.

LG :


I just got the information of LG launching its first ever 8K TV. LG might be giving tough competition to Samsung. LG launch this TV at CES 2016 on January 2. Actually it is key-worded  as elephant in the room. So this shows how big it is. Obviously it is an 8k TV so screen size does matters. It  is 98” in size. Yes great in size. It has super UHD. Which is abbreviated as Super Ultra High Definition. It has WEB-OS which is great thing. So it is featured pack TV.

Samsung :
samsung 8K Glassless 8K TV
samsung 8K Glassless 8K TV

Samsung is best in displays. Samsung’s  latest 8k TV was launched in late 2015. The best feature in this TV is it has no glass in its display. So everything is crystal clear. It is around 110” in size. It everything which you can’t even expect.

Features of Both Company 8K TV’s
  • LG 8K TV Feature’s
    • Super UHD
    • 99″
    • HDR Video
    • WebOS 3.0
    • IPS LCD Display
    • Launching September 2015
    • Price – $130,000.
  • Samsung 8K TV Features
    • 3D TV without wearing Glasses.
    • SUHD
    • 110″

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