2016 Best Book for Reading

2016 book for reading
Best 2016 Book for Reading

Today i am going to share something for Readers who always love to busy their Daily Life with Reading Books. I had some research for collecting this book’s of 2016 BEST BOOK FOR READING. I hope this is very helpful to you and also you can refers anyone to Read this Book’s.
I just Covered some of main points of the Book and also give you link for you directly into the Play-Store and also you can Purchase it from Amazon for Home Delivery. So, that’s it from me if you like this article then please share with your reader’s friends .

No List of Best Book for Reading
2 The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
3 Fifty Shades of Grey
4 Chanakya Neeti
5 How to Win Friends and Influence People
6 The Secret

Some of People always try to do something new in their life and other People’s Life, so this is book for them.
This book about the Arvind Kejriwal the man of Freedom for the India.

Covered all Information Like..
1. Who is Arvind Kejriwal
2. Establishment of AAM AADMI PARTY
3. Story before 2011 ARVIND KEJRIWAL
4. IIT Engineer ARVIND KEJRIWAL activist and changemaker.
5. As Joint Commissioner of Income Tax.
6. First Waged a Secret war against Corruption in own Department.
7. Led formation of “PARIVARTAN”


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Book – 2. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny

This book for those people who love to read Freedom/Wisdom book. They want to do something New in their routine life.
in this book some of main part i had listed over here.
1. If you have Wisdom to Create a life of Passoin, Purpose, Peace.
2. In daily life how to live the life with balance for all in Our Life.
3. Why some people sold Ferrari.
4. Made Joyfull thoughts for follow our mission in Life.
5. Fable about Fulfilling your Dreams & reaching your Destiny.

Download from Play Store :- Robin Sharma The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari A Fable

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Book – 3. Fifty Shades of Grey

Who really believe in to the LOVE and know how love change people mind thoughts and their LIFE of journy.
This book is also based on this LOVE.
some of things i am point it out over here.
1. Love between TWO peoples.
2. Some one want your Love
3. Both know how much Problem in this Love.
4. Love is Innocent.

Download from Play Store :- E L James Fifty Shades of Grey

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Book – 4. Chanakya Neeti.

In this book we covers all the approch based on Chanakya Life.
How to aaply Chanakya thought in our Life journy and meet our GOAL.
So, some of point i had read which i am sharing with you today.

1. How to Deep Thinking in your Life.
2. Poloitical Science Thinking
3. Ancient Takshashila University.
4. Ideal way of Thinking.
5. Victory of Deep Thinking
6. All Principles of Chanakya.

Download from Play Store :- B K Chaturvedi Chanakya Neeti

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Book – 5. How to Win Friends and Influence People

This is book for those people who need to know how to touch with people.
how people Lives their daily Life with Friends and Influence of the People.
Some of topics i discovered here so you can found easily this book helps you ro not.

1. How to Make Friend Quickly and Easily
2. How to Increase Your Popularity
3. How Convince people to follow way of thinking.
4. How to get new Clients and Customers.
5. Better Speaker.

Download from Play Store :- Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence Peo

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Book – 6. The Secret

I personally suggest you this book for any readers. All people need to read this book in this book how to be live life with Secret in all aspects of the Life.
Some of pick-points i had choose write down here for you.

1. Long history of the Great Secret.
2. In Hole World of Secret.
3. Experienced the Secret
4. In any steps of Life Secret is their.
5. Grow your Hidden, Untapped Power within you.
6. Revelation in Life with Joy.
7. Power of Secret make impossible to POSSIBLE.

Download from Play Store :- Rhonda Byrne The Secret

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