20 health tips which make your body perfect

Today we are always worried about our health. we are trying to care our health. but we also know that we like to eat fast food, testy foods, and outside foods which directly affect on our health. and we have bad habit to sleep late night and weak-up last morning so we skip excercise or yoga so our body and health is going to on risk. and youngster is not like any excercise or yoga. so today i discussing about 20 health tips which make you and your health perfect.

1) Wake up before sunrise.
2) Don’t skip breakfast.
3) Exercise for an hour.
4) Drink 2 glasses of water 5 times a day.
5) Cook a meal at home.
6) Get off the internet.
7) Walk briskly for an hour.
8) No junk food.
9) Get 8 hours of sleep at night.
10) Procrastinate Procrastinating [Now, Next, Later, Tomorrow]
11) Cycle to work.
12) Ditch the elevator.
13) Drink a cup of green tea.
14) Laugh out loud for 10 minutes.
15) Do 10 repetitions of surya namaskar.
16) Breathe in deep for 10 minutes.
17) Take a barefoot stroll on grass.
18) Give sugar a pass.
19) Go green.
20) Call up an old friend.

If you follow this 20 tips then never your health is going to bad or on risk. and you eat fast-foods or outside foods stills your health is going to good because this 20 tips is best for your health and body so follow this 20 tips and make your body perfect.

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